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Trek Domane + : our opinion on the electric bike

Are you an avid road cyclist looking for an electric bike that looks like a traditional racing bike ? Then the stylish Trek Domane + electric road bike is for you! With top marks for style and performance, the brand’s latest model opens the doors to a new road riding experience. If you want to know more, then find out about the outstanding features of this electric bike right now.

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Trek’s electric bikes

The American group was founded in 1976. Its goal is to offer quality products, incorporating innovative and high-performance equipment and technologies. Specialized in the world of cycling, Trek is an expert in the field of electric bikes. The manufacturer offers to all consumers a complete range of products that can be adapted to all types of cycling.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, triathlon bikes or hybrids, the group’s catalog covers the practice of this sport in all its forms. Whatever your level, age or sex, you will certainly find the two-wheeler you need at TREK.

Carbon and aluminum frames, high-performance disc brakes and a sleek design are the hallmarks of the brand’s many models. What’s more, you can equip your whole family, since children are also entitled to models adapted to follow their parents in their adventures.

To learn more about the group and its products, we invite you to read our article dedicated to Trek.

Presentation of the Domane+ Trek

With a price that defies all competition, the Trek Domane+ stands out from all other electric bike models thanks to its exceptional features. It is a lightweight electric bike with smooth pedaling assistance. It has an intuitive and discreet display, and the motor and battery can be easily removed.

Moreover, it benefits from an optimized integration of the system in the frame, it makes almost no noise even when the motor is running. The Domane+ electric has nothing to envy to all its competitors!

The Trek Domane+ against the competition

The American group has to face an increasingly strong competition. Indeed, the electric bike market is very popular and many brands want to make a place for themselves. So what better way to differentiate than to put forward its assets.

The Trek Domane + has everything it takes to make a name for itself. You can see the quality of the product and its finish. Moreover, the integrated equipment and the technologies implemented are up to the users’ expectations. Our team will soon make a comparison of the best electric bikes on the market.

Technical characteristics of the Trek Domane+

Power and operation

First, the DOMANE + is based on a very aerodynamic design with light materials such as Alpha Series 300 aluminum for the frame and OCLV Series 500 carbon for the fork.

Then, its electric assistance, composed of the Fazua propulsion kit, provides a huge power of 250 WH. Whenever you need it, you can trigger it with a simple click on the slant tube.


Currently, the DOMANE + is the fastest and most enduring electric road bike on the market. It is thus perfect for the cyclists who wish to benefit from the assistance permanently.

Indeed, it is equipped with a battery of great capacity of 250 Wh, which is assembled in the diagonal tube, what makes it almost invisible. Recharging it is very simple and you can do it in two ways:

  • Either you plug the bike directly using the port located on the bottom bracket shell.
  • Or you remove the battery with the key provided to recharge it away from the bike.

As far as autonomy is concerned, little or no information is given. Indeed, this last one will vary according to several characteristics. For example, the weight of the user and his accessories, but also the weather conditions and the type of terrain on which you ride.

Weight and size

Thanks to its aluminum frame and its carbon fork, the Trek Domane + belongs to the category of the featherweights since it weighs only 15,21 kg. It has a weight limit of 125 kg. It means that it will be able to support this weight to the maximum. It includes the weight of the user and the weight of the accessories for example.

Your performance on the road will not be hindered, because its design and its aerodynamic shape make the Trek Domane + as fast as comfortable. In addition, you will be able to choose between different sizes. Making the driving experience more comfortable:

  • 49 cm frame: rider height 156 to 162 cm; inseam: 74 to 77 cm
  • 52 cm frame: rider height 163 to 168 cm; inseam: 76 to 79 cm
  • 54 cm frame: rider’s height 168 to 174 cm; inseam: 78 to 82 cm
  • 56 cm frame: rider height 174 to 180 cm; inseam: 81 to 85 cm
  • 58 cm frame: rider size 180 to 185 cm; inseam: 84 to 87 cm
  • 61 cm frame: rider height 185 to 191 cm; inseam: 86 to 90 cm
  • Equipment, safety and comfort

    The levels of equipment of the electric bicycle Trek Domane + are quite simply exceptional! Indeed, it is equipped with the latest drive system from Fazua, which is the lightest and most compact removable motor block on the market.

    Because it is completely hidden in its cross tube, the Trek Domane + looks like an ordinary road bike. But in fact, it offers a motorized assistance which can propel you effortlessly at 25 km/h on a hundred kilometers.

    When it comes to safety and comfort, TREK has achieved the perfect marriage between the best components of the Bontranger and Shimano brands. Indeed, the Paradigm Comp 25 wheels from Bontranger offer an excellent tire support, which brings confidence and comfort to speed freaks.

    In addition, SHIMANO’s brand new flat mount hydraulic disc brakes guarantee superior braking power in all conditions (rain, mud, gravel).

    Side comfort, the Trek Domane + is not in remainder. Indeed, the Bontranger stem makes it possible to fix all your equipment (lighting, meter, GPS), and the Arvada saddle improves your comfort by reducing the pressure at the level of the crotch considerably.

    With the Trek Domane + you can ride comfortably and serenely while taking advantage of a maximum of functionalities and a refined look.

    The Price

    The Trek Domane + electric bike costs 3.999 € TTC. The price is quite high, but you should know that there is help for the purchase. As for example in Ile de France, where you can receive up to 500€ of aid for the purchase of an electric bike.

    Do I need insurance ?

    You think that you absolutely have to take out insurance for a means of transport like this? Well, think again! Indeed, for the Trek Domane +, you will not have to do it. It has an electric assistance which stops as soon as it reaches 25 km/h.

    Thus, insurance is not mandatory. However, we advise you to subscribe to a civil liability guarantee. This way, in case of damage caused to a third party, you will not have to pay for the expenses incurred.

    The advantages of the Trek Domane +

    The Trek Domane + has also been designed with the Isospeed system at the front and rear. This unique device, which belongs to the TREK brand, allows to erase the imperfections of the road.

    Whether you ride on old roads or even cobblestones, Isospeed absorbs vibrations for a perfect gliding feeling on the road. Isospeed allows all cyclists to ride further, faster and longer with less fatigue.

    Maintenance for the Trek Domane

    To extend the life of your electric bike, here are some tips:

    • Avoid leaving your bike in a cold place (below 0°C).
    • Avoid exposing the battery to the sun while charging.
    • The electric bike should not be left unused for long periods of time.
    • Unplug the battery when it is fully charged.
    • Do not use high-pressure water jets to clean your Bike.
    • Clean the bike after each use if sand or mud is present.
    • We recommend that you use suitable products to clean your bike.
    • Remove the battery and protect the screen during cleaning.
    • Change the connectors or the protective and insulating sheaths if they are damaged.

    Purchase aids

    It is important to know that you can take advantage of state and local aid to buy this electric bike. Generally, the amount of the subsidy differs from one region to another and from one municipality to another.

    But we advise you to ask your local council for more information. To learn more, you can read our article dedicated to the purchase subsidies.

    To conclude

    Offering comfort, versatility and speed wherever you go, the Trek Domane + is the ideal bike for those who love performance and elegance. Even if it is equipped with a powerful electric motor, the Trek Domane + was conceived like a race bike and it will remain it!

    To guide you in your choice, our team OnMyBike puts daily online articles on electric bikes and traditional bikes


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