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Trek Allant 7: our opinion on this city bike

The Trek Allant 7 electric bike is a perfect way to get around town for both errands and rides. It’s a top-notch machine that’s both practical for everyday use and particularly fun to ride. In addition to being a perfect urban bike, this model is also capable of riding on nature trails.

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Trek’s electric bikes

The American brand had a quiet start. Nevertheless, it is now a major player in the cycling market. It offers to individuals and professionals in the field, products for each of the possible practices. So, whether you are looking for an electric bike for racing or for mountain activities, you will inevitably find your happiness with this group.

You want to learn more about the brand and the ranges it offers, we invite you to consult an article specially dedicated to it.

The Trek Allant 7 against the competition

It is often hard to believe, but the electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike) has been around since 1880. Today, this market is growing rapidly. In 2018, 2.7 million bikes were sold for 2 billion euros in sales. Indeed, with the extent of urbanization, pollution and traffic jams in the city, the bicycle is becoming more and more fashionable.

The electric bike is becoming an imperative option for those who wish to cycle to work. Using an electric bike is in itself an eco-responsible choice since it consumes much less fuel than a car or even a motorcycle.

It is for all these reasons that it is useful to make a comparison of the products present on the market in order to better target your needs and to see which product corresponds best to you. We are convinced that you will undoubtedly return to the American brand.

Présentation du Trek Allant 7

The Trek Allant 7 Lowstep has nothing to fear from the competition. Indeed, it is ideal for your daily trips in urban areas.

Moreover, you can count on a whole range of accessories already integrated in the electric bike. It is relatively light. The materials used are also of high quality, you can count on a robust and light aluminum frame. Let’s see it in more details.

Technical characteristics of the Trek Allant 7

Power and operation

The powerful transmission, comfortable driving position and smart features make it even easier and more fun to leave the car in the garage. The Performance Line CX is the most powerful engine. Its characteristics are 250 watts and 85 Nm. It provides more fun on the track during difficult outings despite its particularly compact size.

Autonomy of the Trek Allant 7

A high-performance hydroformed aluminum frame with a slim design that completely encloses a long-life 500 Wh battery and provides assistance up to 25 km/h.

Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is as user-friendly as it gets: it completely conceals the battery in the frame and allows you to easily drop it off for charging at home or for storage.

Compatible with Range Boost, an add-on battery that doubles the range of your mountain Trek Allant+ 7 e bike so you can ride longer, take longer commutes and embark on more ambitious adventures.

Safety, comfort and equipment

A hydroformed aluminum frame with a slim, open design for easy on and off, a fully integrated 500 Wh Bosch PowerTube battery, a Bosch Performance Line CX motor (250 W, 85 Nm) that provides assistance up to 25 km/h and a Purion controller.

The Bosch Purion display features a fully functional speedometer with backlighting, a maintenance reminder light and a battery life indicator. Its intelligent design allows riders to navigate through functions or select the required level of assistance without letting go of the handlebars.

Add to that a locking telescopic fork, Shimano 9-speed transmission, disc brakes, integrated front and rear light system, mudguards and a rear rack. Rigid 27.5″ wheels with thru axles ensure safe and stable control, while high-volume tires contribute to the bike’s comfort.

Weight and size

The Allant 7 e bike is appreciated for its perfectly modern and ergonomic design. It is particularly light, weighing just 24.49 kg . This is one of the reasons why it is so easy to handle. It can support a maximum load of 136 kg (user and accessories included).

This model is equipped with Alexrims MD35 wheels of 700 mm, with tubeless ready rims and 32 spokes. As far as the handlebars are concerned, you are dealing with a 31.8 mm Bontrager alloy, with a 15 mm rise.

The Allant 7 features a high-performance hydroformed frame with Motor Armor protection and internal cable routing. There are several sizes to choose from, depending on your measurements. Feel free to check out the size chart below:

  • S: rider height 155 to 165 cm; inseam: 72 to 78 cm
  • M: rider height 165 to 175 cm; inseam: 77 to 83 cm
  • L: rider height 175 to 186 cm; inseam: 82 to 88 cm
  • Consumers’ opinion

    According to most users, the Allant 7 stands out for its perfect handling and the power of its engine. It is also appreciated for its comfort and safety.

    More than just a practical everyday city bike, the Allant+ 7 has managed to make a difference by seducing its users with a perfectly crafted design: modern, bold, with impeccable finishing touches. It’s one of the most versatile models in its category, and its users totally approve!

    Very good for a soft use. Good value for money !

    I use my Trek Allant 7 to commute to and from work every day, 20 miles round trip. I have no complaints. The lights work great for early morning and late night commutes. The pedal assist compensates for the headwinds I encounter every day in both directions. That’s the price you pay for living in Colorado.

    The price

    The Trek Allant 7 electric city bike is priced at 3,399 euros. This is a real budget, but the technology and quality are there.


    Just like with a conventional mechanical bike, an electrically-assisted bicycle must be maintained regularly to ensure its long-term performance. Here are some tips to keep your Trek Allant+ 7 e bike in top condition:

    • Check the condition of the cables and connectors regularly: no frayed cables or deformed sheaths. If they are worn, go to an authorized repair shop.
    • Check the brakes for wear
    • Check tire pressure and condition

    Important: If you are not going to use your bike for a long time, remove the displays and battery and store them in a dry, temperature-stable place (not too hot or too cold). Preferably, allow the battery to discharge completely once or twice a year in order to reset its electronic board.

    Do I need insurance ?

    You don’t necessarily need to buy insurance for this Trek Allant+ 7 e bike. Indeed, the assistance stops once you have reached the speed of 25 km/h. However, we advise you to take out a civil liability insurance in case of damage caused to a third party. Because if you don’t, you will have to advance the related expenses.

    Purchase aids

    You should know that it is possible to benefit from various subsidies to finance the purchase of your Trek Allant+ 7 e bike.

    In some European Union countries, the government grants an ecological bonus of 20% of the purchase price, including tax, up to a maximum of 200 euros. Do not hesitate to inquire about the conditions for claiming this financial aid. To learn more, you can read our article dedicated to the purchase aid.

    The advantages of the Trek Allant 7

    Lightweight, fully equipped and comfortable, the Trek Allant 7 Lowstep is without a doubt the electric city bike you need. It is handy and practical and blends in with its surroundings.

    It will allow you to weave your way through traffic while ensuring the necessary safety in the city. The technical strengths of this Trek Allant+ 7 e bike are located on different points:

    • The power of the Bosch Performance CX motor;
    • The quality of the frame, with the integrated battery and the optimized geometry;
    • All the equipment that comes with the bike, useful for the urban cyclist;
    • The versatility and reliability of Schwalbe G-One tires.

    To conclude

    You get the idea! Thanks to the Trek Allant 7, riding a bike has never been so easy and enjoyable. It is a model that perfectly combines performance, comfort and design. Its well thought-out features make it one of the best models of its generation.

    It’s no secret that riding this type of bike is much more environmentally friendly than driving a car. In addition, a Trek Allant+ 7 e bike requires less effort than conventional bicycles. It’s a guarantee of practicality and time saving in everyday life !

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