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Sunn bikes: ready to enjoy your outings ?


In the tradition of the great French effigies, the Sunn bikes brand continues a forty-year tradition of producing bicycles with perfect fit and finish. At the crossroads of performance and innovation, Sunn has found the perfect balance in the design of its bikes. True machines that are aesthetically pleasing, powerful and practical, fueling the competitive spirit of riders and facilitating mobility for all.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Sunn bikes.

The context

The French brand is all the more committed as the collective conscience measures more and more the positive impact of the use of the bicycle.

A new air seems to blow on the usefulness of bicycles and this time, these means of travel long neglected offer a new face marked by technological and aesthetic modernity.

Because they adapt to the image of today’s society, bicycles become electric, sporty, fun, very fast, versatile and much more useful.

The bicycle market is feeling the pinch and is going through one of the best periods. The figures also confirm the good health of the market. This is evidenced by the 2.4% annual increase in this sector worldwide between 2020 and 2027.

With this new trend and a newfound passion for cycling, Sunn has set itself apart from its competitors by offering exceptional bicycles. Mountain bikers and experienced racers can find something to their liking, as well as the general public.

The offers of the Sunn bikes brand

Frame quality, fork composition, brake responsiveness, motor power, travel or battery durability, all of Sunn’s bikes check off the boxes with flying colors and are formidable machines for emotionally intense rides.

So, for the more adventurous, the Royal Factory model is perfect. This bmx bike from the brand gives the rider unprecedented stability and stands out like no other racing bike.

Like a conqueror, you’ll feel confident on your bmx and ride it to perfection thanks to its responsiveness and speed. In the air, your bike is just as efficient and fills you with serenity.

A real racing beast that you will know how to tame to reach the summits like MANON Valentino; Sunn bmx Factory pilot and double French champion in the discipline.

A pleasant drive and a perfect course

For road lovers, Sunn’s GP FINEST bikes will do the trick. Versatile, they are the result of a perfect compromise between braking, speed and comfort.

The GP FINEST’s electronic drivetrain (Shimano Ultegra Di2), disc brakes (Shimano Ultegra), ultra-light carbon frame and good looks ensure a ride rich in sensation and positive emotions.

As for the long descents, the Kern En of the brand are the bikes to ride to breathe victory at the end of the course. Enduro becomes an art and the rider an expert.

Sunn bikes promises an exhilarating ride thanks to its high travel, geometry and kinematics. The pedaling is optimal; stability and speed are also there for a very pleasant dose of adrenaline. In Sunn Trail mountain bike, the Shaman TR model from Sunn is the perfect example of versatility.

Fierce on the downhill and unstoppable on the uphill, this jewel of the perfect Trail is the result of inimitable design.

Sunn and urban mobility

Enthusiasts looking for an urban escape can set their sights on the Urb electrically-assisted bikes from the brand. Armed with a powerful motor (Bosch Active Line Plus), these uniquely designed bikes are made for both city and country riding.

No more frustrating traffic jams by car! Getting to work becomes pleasant, enjoyable and fun. Finally, the Urban bikes come with a series of accessories to facilitate urban mobility.

  • Bag 
  • Basket 
  • Anti-theft device 
  • Luggage rack
  • Away from the city, the Sunn Kern El electric mountain bike allows you to put on a show. The mountains become the rider’s favorite playground, and the turns, slopes and descents bend to his will.

    This bike promises an electric enduro rich in emotion with its above-average travel, the power of its engine, the quality of its transmission and the responsiveness of its brakes. Very fast, the Gordon of the Sunn brand is also distinguished by its power and its versatility (27,5” and 29”).

    With a perfect looking fork, a large travel (140 -130) or a high capacity Shimano engine, these machines are ready to satisfy long distance riders.

    This series of high-performance bikes from Sunn is complemented by the famous Sunn FLASH semi-rigid electric mountain bike or the Volt, all of which are perfect machines with top-notch technical capabilities.

    With Sunn, riding becomes a question of sensation and strong emotions. But in this multitude of series or models, what are the criteria to consider to choose the ideal bike?

    Riding the ideal Sunn bikes: how to make the right choice ?

    Sunn bikes or any other brand, when well chosen, adapts perfectly to the needs and desires of its rider. Like a couple, the machine and its user form a single entity.

    This improves the rider’s riding experience and makes the ride more enjoyable. The choice of the ideal bike therefore takes into account the type of use that will be made of it.

    Indeed, if the construction characteristics of the Sunn road bike are adapted to urban use, trying to ride it in the mountains will leave a very bitter taste to the rider. The feeling would be the same if the bike designed for winding trails or mountains was used as urban transportation.

    So, for regular city travel, Sunn’s electric-assist mountain bikes are the way to go. They are very practical, designed to be ridden on bike paths and have good flexibility; a useful feature for navigating through traffic jams.

    Which Sunn bikes for sporty rides in nature ?

    Outside the city, the Sunn road bike or Fat Bike electric bikes are the most recommended. They have large tires that are characterized by a large contact area with the ground. Their design engineering makes them perform well on tricky trails or in the woods.

    If they are not equipped with a series of accessories like the urban Sunn bikes, such bikes can be equipped with mudguards for the protection of the rider or a device to keep water bottles.

    For an optimal ride, the type of bike can also vary. Depending on whether it is a downhill, a hike or a ride in the mountains. Indeed, the semi-rigid Sunn electric mountain bikes will be ideal for pleasant hikes or trail rides.

    Indeed, they can offer an adequate acceleration capacity and a proven comfort despite their lightness. For mountain climbing or a serious hill climb, an all-suspended bike will do the trick.

    With a high travel capacity, a certain stability and a surgical precision in its brakes, it is the perfect bike for wild races in the mountains.

    Additional criteria to consider

    In addition to the type of course, the power and performance of the motor should be of interest to the future rider. In this respect, it is advisable to trust the well-known manufacturers of bicycle motors such as Bosch or Shimano, who are trusted suppliers of the Sunn brand.

    Another essential criterion remains the quality or the duration of functioning of the battery. Indeed, Sunn electric mountain bikes can be heavy to carry in case of battery failure.

    Choosing a bike with a high-performance battery is essential to avoid this type of frustration. The availability of replacement parts can also sway the decision to adopt one bike or another. Brands such as Sunn have an extensive distribution network.

    This makes it very easy to replace parts if necessary. As far as the bike’s coating is concerned, the new carbon frame technology is still very popular, even though it will cost a lot.

    Finally, some brands such as Sunn offer bikes in a variety of sizes, making it easier for the rider to stand and enjoy the ride. Taking all of these factors into account guarantees an ideal choice, but you should also remember that there are a number of aids available to make your bike purchase easier.

    Sunn bikes: more than a brand

    At the beginning of its creation, the Sunn brand by its conception of BMX bikes “Kid version” already displayed all the know-how of the French firm.

    Indeed, in the twilight of its fame, the prestigious manufacturing house immediately integrated aluminum in the design of its bike frames in replacement of steel.

    An innovation welcomed by the manufacturers of the sector and which propels the French mark at the top of the inventiveness. Very quickly, the company’s image became very popular and the trophies won by its professional riders supported the company’s success.

    As time went by, more and more successful and appreciated bikes were created and the 5003R (best Sunn mountain bike of the year award) will remain for a whole generation: the reference mountain bike.

    This was followed by equally successful Sunn electric bikes and inevitably by titles and trophies won by Sunn racers. Despite a restructuring process, the large Sunn bikes manufacturer is still one of the most sought-after companies on the market.

    They continue to offer Sunn mountain bikes that perfectly combine technological power and aesthetic appeal. Isn’t that the credo of every cyclist: never stop, even after a fall.

    Sunn road bike: winning values

    In a world where reproductions and imitations take over innovation, Sunn proudly paddles against the current and imposes itself by the technical and aesthetic uniqueness of its Sunn mountain bikes.

    From its premises located in the Loire-Atlantique region, this brand has surrounded itself with the best to build its development and research team.

    The selection of components and materials for the design of its bikes is very selective and already lays the foundation for a unique, high-performance and daring design.

    Sunn’s bikes are then impregnated with the values of the brand and all have a unique design, but recognizable from all because they are obtained through exceptional know-how.

    From the lab to the factory, these bikes go through internal lab testing. Sunn can also count on its team of professional cyclists to perform a battery of real-world tests on its products. This ensures the performance and robustness of the bikes. 

    The competence of the French industry

    Sunn is also a reflection of the French know-how so appreciated and loved all over the world. From design to assembly, the brand’s bikes are all made in the land of light and Sunn is proud to participate in the influence of France. Engineers, technicians, graphic artists and designers work in synergy and all share the desire to provide technological and innovative solutions, which is the strength of the brand.

    At Sunn, the codes of the bicycle are then rethought and dusted of their received ideas. The bicycle no longer echoes an old-fashioned or second-rate means of travel. On the contrary, it is sublimated by the brand and becomes an instrument of surpassing oneself and the desire to always go further.

    To stay closer to the public, the Sunn mountain bike group also works with more than 400 bike stores. This proximity is explained by the brand’s concern to personalize the service according to the customer’s needs. It is also motivated by the brand’s passion to make the ideal bike available wherever you are.

    The Sunn bikes and the cycling market

    Technological innovations have opened the way to different possibilities in the making of modern, powerful and advanced bikes. Gradually, the bicycle manufacturing sector will welcome many new brands. This attractiveness is also amplified by the revival of the public for this means of transport, which was once relegated to oblivion.

    Indeed, the general passion for the bicycle is explained by its ecological “virtues”. At a time of climate change. Virtually non-polluting for the environment, the Sunn road bike remains a very safe way to get around without causing harm to nature.

    Moreover, many therapists encourage its practice for reasons of physical and moral health. Like hiking, cycling takes the user out of his or her daily routine. Moreover, it allows the user to discover his or her environment, whether near or far, in a different way.

    Finally, several cycling competitions are emerging and gaining more and more followers. Whether it’s Enduro, AllMountain, Freeride or Cross-country, the popularity of these (new) disciplines is also contributing to the increase in demand for high-performance bikes.

    Fortunately, France is no exception to this trend and the figures confirm it. Indeed, the demand for electrically-assisted bicycles is currently up 10.1% nationwide. And it should continue to increase.

    The brand and its context

    The democratization of the industry, the emergence of new brands and the renewed interest of the public made the bicycle market very competitive. However, the Sunn brand, proud of its ability to produce bikes with unparalleled performance, has never ceased to be a favourite with the public.

    A loyalty rewarded by the release of ranges of bikes that always meet the expectations of enthusiasts. The romance between Sunn and bike enthusiasts and professionals is far from over. On the contrary, it is the continuation of a reciprocal and timeless love.

    What help is available for the purchase of a Sunn bikes ?

    For example in France to encourage eco-mobility on the territory and in accordance with Decree No. 2017-1851 of December 29, 2017, amended on February 1, 2018, the public authorities have initiated a series of social actions. These range from the construction of bike lanes to the granting of aid that accompanies the purchase of electric bikes. So, what are these aids and who can benefit from them ?

    Some of the states realize the importance of promoting environmentally friendly urban mobility. That is why at the local level, subsidies are offered to all those who would like to buy a Sunn electric bike. In Ile de France, for example, they can reach 50% of the purchase price of the bike.

    In addition to this, there is a so-called ecological bonus set at a maximum of 200 euros by the State. In order to benefit from this aid, proof of residence in France is required. Also, the bonus is granted only to adult individuals whose tax income per unit remains below 13 489 euros.

    It should also be noted that only eligibility for local aid can allow you to benefit from the ecological bonus. In addition, to these aids comes the conversion bonus. Entered into force since July 26, 2021, this assistance has been extended on the purchase of electric bicycles.

    In other words, the conversion bonus still called “bonus to the scrap” can be activated. Especially when you replace your thermal car with an electrically assisted bicycle. This is another measure taken by the government to encourage the use of “clean” means of transport by its citizens.

    But also and especially respectful of the environment. To find out if you can benefit from these aids, we advise you to contact your local authorities.


    If you want to reduce the negative impact generated by your travels in thermal vehicles, do not hesitate to turn to companions of the road that do not produce harmful gases to our environment. Bicycles are an essential ally in all circumstances.

    If the distances to be covered frighten you know that models of Sunn road bike exist in electric version. So, you can easily choose an electric mountain bike Sunn or an electric bike Sunn more classic.

    To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and classic bikes