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Riverside 920 : a Decathlon mountain bike

The best cross-country bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

Are you a nature adventurer ? Looking for a mountain bike ? Look no further! Our team of enthusiasts took the time to analyze the Riverside 920 from Decathlon. It is made for hard rides, on roads and trails. In this article, we determine both the positive and negative points.

The Riverside brand

Riverside is a brand of bicycle touring offered by the Decathlon chain. It designs bikes and equipment adapted to your frequency of use. Occasional, regular, intensive and even electric.

With Riverside, you will have the joy of discovering or rediscovering nature, the pleasures of walking, and hiking for several days. And all this, with technical and innovative equipment.

A new creation

Riverside is a new brand of the company. It is therefore important to specify that the mountain bike we are going to talk about has nothing to do with the Riverside model from Btwin.

In fact, in the past, each variant was called Btwin. And even if the name Riverside was already present, but located just after it, it was difficult to find it.

Despite this change, Decathlon has kept a range of Btwin bikes, which is certainly intended to reassure consumers. This name is above all synonymous with aesthetics and quality, at affordable prices.

This new signature is dedicated to a very specific objective. To make cycling accessible to as many people as possible. It is thus easier to differentiate between mountain bikes, city bikes and road bikes. 

The different ranges offered by Decathlon

It is in 2019 that Decathlon decides to change the names of all its models. A new identification so that each bike can be assigned to its own range. That is to say:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

The name Riverside is thus assimilated to the range of bicycles known as all-terrain (cross-country bike) that Decathlon offers. You can find it as well in traditional version as in electric version.

Introducing the Riverside 920

The Riverside 920 is an ideal bike for adventures in off-road terrain, bikepacking. Bikepacking is synonymous with freedom and autonomy. It’s the minimalist version of bike touring, in which the rider carries only the bare necessities during his adventure.

Riding sensations guaranteed. The Decathlon Riverside 920 has a frame with robust components. It allows you to escape on the most beautiful roads of the planet.

Technical characteristics of the Decathlon Riverside 920

Several sizes available

You may be wondering how to choose the size of your travel bike? Don’t panic! To allow accessibility to a wide range of customers, the Riverside 920 offers 3 different sizes:

  • S : from 1.50 m to 1.65 m
  • M : from 1.65 m to 1.80 m
  • L : from 1,80 m to 1,90 m

If you are between sizes and are looking for more maneuverability and comfort. More upright back. We advise you to take the lower size. If on the contrary, you prefer a more elongated position. More suitable position for speed. We advise you to take the higher size.

Riverside 920: its weight

Depending on the size you choose, the Decathlon Riverside 920 will weigh :

  • 12.8 kg for size S
  • 12.9 kg for size M
  • 12.9 kg for size L

Most mountain bikes are made of aluminum, which explains the light weight of the Riverside 920.

A light and comfortable frame

The frame of the Decathlon Riverside 920 is mixed, designed in Aluminium 6061. You will find a lowered geometry, in order to facilitate the striding.

The frame of the bike brings you a real versatility, as well as an optimal comfort. The presence of inserts on the frame allows you to attach all your accessories and luggage rack. As for the rear derailleur hanger, it is removable.

A lockable and adjustable suspension fork

The Riverside 920 is equipped with a SUNTOUR NCX AIR suspension fork at the front. It is lockable at the handlebars and adjustable in preload, with air damping. The Decathlon Riverside 920 does not have a rear suspension. Aluminium pivot in 1 inch 1/8. Magnesium fork. 63 mm of travel. The hardness adjustment is done with a simple knob.

Derailleur and transmission: engage the top gear

The Decathlon Riverside 920 mountain bike is equipped with a SRAM NX rear derailleur with 11 indexed speeds. The change of gears is done by triggers. They combine two levers to move up or down the gears.

The 36 teeth SRAM NX single chainring is interchangeable with 34 teeth (8520740) and 38 teeth (8520741). The bike is equipped with a KMC X11 chain with quick release, as well as an anti-skid ring.

Hydraulic disc brakes

With the Btwin by Tektro TKD32 hydraulic disc brakes, braking is crisp and precise. You can ride safely on any terrain. Dry or wet. All this is controlled by aluminum brake levers.

Handlebars, Headset, Stem: stay in control

The Riverside 920 optimizes your riding comfort with an oversized 31.8mm handlebar for the stem grip area. It is semi raised (620 mm) and made of aluminum.

It allows you to put everything you want without any problem. It’s nicer and certainly more solid. The stem, also “oversize” of 31.8 mm, is made of aluminum in 1 inch 1/8 of 70 mm length.

As for the ahead set, it is semi-integrated in 1 inch 1/8. As for the 2 aluminum spacers, they have a height of 5 mm. The handles are ergonomically designed for a natural grip.

Saddle: be comfortable

When riding a bicycle, it is important to have a seat that is suitable for the activity. That’s why the Riverside 920 saddle is exclusive. It is a B’TWIN ERGOFIT SPORT 900. The seatpost is made of aluminum. This one is graduated to facilitate the adjustment.

The diameter of the collar is 32 mm, and the diameter of the seatpost is 27.2 mm. The adjustment of the height of the saddle is done without tools. It is a locking system, very fast.

28″ wheels and all-terrain tires: put on the rubber

Ready to roll? Step up to the plate with the Riverside 920 and its double-walled aluminum rims. The bike is equipped with Mavic Crossride FTSX wheels. These are 28 inches in diameter (21-622).

The front and rear hubs are made of aluminum with a quick release system on both front and rear wheels, for easy removal.

The front and rear wheels have 24 spokes. As for the tires, they are multipurpose road and trail Trekking speed tires, with Protect + reinforcement in 60 TPI. There is a 3 mm thick anti-puncture reinforcement on the tread. The SKINWALL sidewalls are soft, for more comfort and lightness. The dimensions are 700 x 38 (38-622).

Tire compatibility

If for any reason you find the need to fit your Decathlon Riverside 920 with wider tires, it is important to know that it is possible. The maximum size with mudguard is 42mm. ETRTO standard 42-622. The maximum size without mudguard is 47mm. ETRTO standard 47-622.

Decathlon has also tested tires with larger widths, which are compatible, such as the City 9 (44-622) with mudguard and the Schwalbe Evolution TLE (50-622) without mudguard. As the width can vary, not all tires in 44 and 50 will be compatible.

Riverside 920 Pedals/Crankset

When you receive your Riverside 920, you’ll find one-piece plastic multipurpose pedals. They have a wide support surface for a better foot hold on the pedal. The cranks are made of aluminum, 170 mm long. The protective casing is also made of aluminum.

The accessories

The Riverside 920 comes with a bell, front and rear lighting, and reflectors on the wheels and pedals. Depending on the type of accessory and size of the Decathlon Riverside 920, the frame is compatible with:

  • A front and rear mudguard
  • A kickstand
  • A water bottle holder
  • A saddle bag
  • A rear luggage rack
  • A child seat and trailer

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask a Decathlon consultant.

Cleaning the Riverside 920

From time to time, your bike needs a thorough cleaning. We explain how to give your bike a thorough cleaning, step by step. The more regularly you ride, the more we recommend this kind of cleaning.

  • Degrease the transmission
  • Clean the frame and its components to avoid damage to the equipment
  • Lubricate the chain to protect it

And to repair your bike, you will find all the information in the paragraph below.

Riverside 920 Maintenance and Warranty

Before we talk about your bike’s warranty, it is important to note that maintenance of your Riverside 920 is essential to extend its life and that of its components, and thus bring more pleasure to your sport.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of having a clean bike, neglected maintenance can cause some problems that can lead to accidents: seized wiring, rust, leaks, premature wear.

That’s why Decathlon offers a free service for every new bike purchased within 6 months of purchase. This is due to an adjustment of the equipment such as the chain, the derailleur, the brakes… from the first uses. We advise you to :

  • Clean the chain and lubricate the transmission every 100 km
  • Have the brake pads and tires changed every 2000 km
  • Have the chain and rear sprockets changed every 5000 kms.

To do this, you simply have to go to the Decathlon workshop nearest you. If you are a bit of a handyman, the Decathlon brand provides tutorials. The warranty is for life. It concerns the frame, the stem and the handlebar. The warranty on spare parts is 2 years.

Storage advice

We recommend that you store your Rockrider 920 in a place that is protected from moisture. Your bike can be hung vertically, mounted on a hook or on a pulley. It is even possible to integrate your bike into your decor. On the internet you can find a thousand and one tips to store your bike dry and safe.

The price of the Riverside 920

The French brand Decathlon offers the Riverside 920 at a price of 849 euros. It is a price that is relatively correct for the quality it offers.

The Riverside 920 against the competition

The bicycle market is growing rapidly. The overall market has increased by 25% and is now worth more than 3 billion euros. This is why competition is becoming increasingly tough. Brands are looking to differentiate themselves from each other. And Decathlon in all this ?

The French brand highlights its know-how, and remains on its bold idea. Make its own bikes and sell them cheaper than its competitors. Affordable but qualitative cross-country bike! This is how some brands stand out and place themselves on the market.

Riverside 920: why not switch to an electric bike ?

If today the electric bicycle is enjoying its moment of glory, its creation is not as recent as one might think. The history of the electric bicycle begins in 1895 in the United States. The first model was created by the American Odgen Bolton.

In the years to come, the electric bike should be more and more efficient by being equipped with more powerful motors and better batteries. It will of course be a light electric bike. It will occupy an increasingly important place in the bicycle market. The electric bicycle will sell one million units per year in France by 2025.

The Riverside 920 in electric version

It exists! This is the Riverside 500e. It’s an all-terrain electric bike that’s ready to go. It’s designed for both road and trail riding. It is not a mountain bike or a road bike.

It’s intended for family rides rather than sporty outings. The Riverside 500e is equipped with a versatile electric assist for your leisure time rides.

Equipped with a kickstand and a basic lighting system, the Riverside can easily be transformed into a utility bike. To do so, you just need to equip it with a mudguard and a luggage rack.

This electrically assisted version is based on the Riverside 500 and has the same design and geometry. Nevertheless, it has a frame adapted to support a battery on its diagonal tube. This is why the Riverside 500e has a weight of 22.7 kg. Price wise, due to its electric assistance, it is more expensive than the Decathlon Riverside 920.

But it will remain very cheap thanks to the premium for the purchase of an electric bike. We will come back to the aids a little further down in this article.

Intelligent assistance

The French company Decathlon offers via its electric bikes, to control the power of the assistance. There are several modes of operation available. The electric assistance starts only when the cyclist pedals and stops when you stop pedaling.

The motor stops at 25 km/h. You can ride faster, but the motor should not work anymore. It is thanks to the torque sensor integrated in the crankset that the electric assistance adapts to your way of pedaling.


The Riverside 500e’s battery has a fairly standard 418 Wh capacity. Using the highest assistance mode, mode 3, the Riverside can provide assistance for 50 km, on a mostly road course with hills. That’s quite a performance for such a large battery capacity.

To recharge the battery of the Riverside 500e, it is with a 36 volts charger that delivers 4 Amps and that allows to fill up the battery in 3h25mins. It is appreciable. It is important to know that entry or mid-range bikes are delivered with a charger of 2 Amps only.

Comfort and ergonomics

The Riverside 500e offers a more relaxed riding position than a mountain bike, without trying to achieve the comfort of a city bike. The frame geometry ensures that you don’t lean too far towards the handlebars. The semi-raised handlebars have ergonomic wrists that help to maintain a relatively relaxed position.

So it’s not a bike that offers a totally upright riding position, like the Dutch bikes. But if you are an occasional rider, you will find it an easy bike to handle and not too tiring.

Be careful, we can’t tell you that the Riverside 500e is a very comfortable bike. It is very rigid, and despite its suspension fork which is mainly used to absorb bumps and hollows, it does not filter the vibrations transmitted to the aluminum frame.

The CST Tirent tires are 700 x 40 (40-622). If you want to improve the comfort and the behavior of the bike on the roads, you can always opt for wider tires, allowing a lower pressure.

Assistance for the purchase of an electric bicycle

If you are considering the purchase of an electric bicycle, at first glance it may seem difficult and expensive. But some elements can make you change your mind and pass the course. Indeed, with the help of the State, the total price of the bill will be reduced.

The bicycle bonus is a financial aid paid, under conditions, for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike). This makes it easier to acquire these new means of transport and to encourage as many of us as possible to opt for a non-polluting mode of transport.

For many years now, large French cities have been involved in a process of reflection to promote travel by bicycle. This allows to reduce the increasing difficulties linked to the traffic of cars. Thus, more and more local authorities and regions allow their users to benefit from a subsidy for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

In addition, to support these local schemes, the state’s ecological bonus can be paid in addition. To people with modest incomes, up to a limit of 200 euros. To give you an idea, here are the following figures:

  • National aid: equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200€ maximum.
  • Regional aid: variable according to the regions, between 150€ and 600€.
  • Municipal aid: it depends on the municipalities. In Paris for example, for the purchase of an electric bike, the buyer can receive up to 400€.


If you’re an avid off-road cyclist, then the Riverside 920 is for you. It guarantees comfort, ease of use and versatility. Its lightweight aluminum frame and accessories are important elements to consider.

Finally, the Decathlon Riverside 920 in electric version is an advantage. With its electric assistance, you can go even further and faster.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles on electric and classic bikes


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