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Riverside 500: a must-have Decathlon cross-country bike

The best electric cross-country bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

By now, it seems hard not to have heard of the sports equipment brand Decathlon. The latter is a pioneer in this field and has therefore naturally imposed itself in this universe adapted to the general public, so you will inevitably have heard of the products it markets, in particular its numerous bicycle references. And more specifically its Riverside range, like the Riverside 500 for example. Today, we propose you to take a look at one of the many models proposed by the company.

What is Riverside ?

This is a pertinent question that needs to be answered. Indeed, the name Riverside was originally known as Btwin Riverside 500, for example. It is only very recently that Decathlon decided to change the names of its products. So why do you say ? Well, simply because all the bike references were known under the same name: Btwin.

It was therefore difficult for the future user to know which model to choose. This step taken during the year 2019 is intended to facilitate your research. Today, things are much simpler. You will recognize the products of the range thanks to their simplified names: Riverside.

This change was a major element not to be neglected. Indeed, it could have both positive and negative consequences and repercussions. One of the major risks was to lose customers. It is true that the name of Btwin is engraved in the memory of consumers as a quality bicycle at a reasonable and affordable price.

This is a central notion that users should not lose sight of. Let them be assured that the quality of the products, the price displayed and the aesthetics of the models are not impacted.

A new signature 

In 2019, Decathlon has decided to change all the names of these bikes. This in the sole and unique objective to simplify things and thus allow customers to better distinguish the different ranges. This allows them to go directly to the product that concerns them and interests them.

It is now much easier to know if a model is intended for a population moving in the city, in the countryside or hiking in the mountains. The customer will no longer have any doubts when choosing a mountain bike, a cross-country bike or a city bike for example.

At first glance, this approach could have been complex for the brand as well as for consumers used to a very particular name. In reality, this is not the case.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that some models still keep the basic Btwin name. This shows the company’s interest in reassuring its customers about the products it markets. A strong message is sent: the name changes but not the quality of the product.


The different ranges of Decathlon

As you can see, from now on, when you go to a store or to the website of your favorite equipment company, you will recognize the different bicycle ranges thanks to their names.

It will be much easier for you to differentiate between them and therefore to choose the products that interest you. Let’s see what these different names mean:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

It is therefore clear that the Riverside range is the name given to bicycles suitable for off-road use. In order not to spoil the pleasure of future users, the models marketed by the brand exist in both classic and electric versions.

Introducing the Decathlon Riverside 500

So, you guessed it, the Decathlon Riverside 500 is a bike specially designed for off-road use. Formerly known as the Btwin Riverside 500, this model has suffered the same fate as all of the brand’s ranges: its renaming.

As mentioned earlier, the Riverside 500 cross-country bike is a model specially designed for use on all types of roads.

It will perfectly combine comfort in use but also robustness during a practice a little more uneven. No worries either in terms of billing since the models sold by the French company are always affordable without neglecting quality.

Technical characteristics of the Riverside 500 cross-country bike

Today, we propose you to discover this model like no other. Let’s review its technical characteristics so that you can appreciate its advantages but also know its disadvantages.

Available in several sizes

In order to provide an optimal driving experience to its users, the brand offers this model in several sizes. There are 4 sizes in total: S, M, L and XL.

  • Size S for users whose height is between 150 cm and 165 cm
  • Size M for users whose height is between 166 cm and 177 cm
  • Size L for users whose height is between 178 cm and 189 cm
  • Size XL for users whose height is between 190 cm and 201 cm

If you are in the middle of a specific size range, you won’t have to ask yourself too many questions about which size to choose.

However, if you are in between two sizes, you will have to ask yourself what you are looking for more precisely. Indeed, you will have to define if you want more comfort or if you want to focus on performance and speed.

A smaller frame will allow you to adopt a more upright posture, thus relieving your back during practice and improving your comfort. On the other hand, a larger frame will allow you to lie back and improve your performance and speed.

Mixed frame

The Riverside 500 bike’s frame is made of aluminum and is shaped like a comma. Its light alloy makes it suitable for both men and women. It will be easier to straddle when going up and down.

Moreover, its specific shape makes it more comfortable especially during your urban trips where the moments of stop can be long or repetitive. A frame made of this type of material is a guarantee of quality since it is light, robust but also and especially comfortable for its user.


The Btwin Riverside 500 is marketed by the tricolor group with a spring fork with a travel of 60mm. The hardness can be adjusted simply with a wrench. No rear suspension for this model. Don’t be surprised or disappointed.

Indeed, the presence of suspensions at the rear brings certainly more comfort but it also makes your companion of road heavier. So, no rear suspension, no extra weight to compensate during your practice.

A full suspension model, front and rear suspensions, is especially essential for a more active and sportive practice, for example in the mountains.

For a more classic all-terrain practice, a front suspension will be more than enough. This suspended fourche will absorb the shocks linked to your practice and will make your experience even more comfortable.

Derailleur and transmission

The Riverside 500 mountain bike will be able to respond in all circumstances thanks to its 9-speed single-plate transmission. This makes your life easier, because you only have to change gears with a single trigger.

For your comfort too, you will find an anti-derailment ring. This means no more long stops because your chain has jammed or you’ve simply gone off the rails.


For your safety, you need to be able to rely on good quality brakes. And this is what the brand offers with the mechanical disc brakes installed on this model.

These can be activated directly from the triggers located on the handlebars. It will thus be easy for the user to correctly dose the braking force. This ensures optimal efficiency.

Wheels and tires

You will be able to ride with confidence thanks to double-walled wheels. These wheels will offer you a great robustness and a considerable longevity. The Btwin Riverside 500 Decathlon is equipped with versatile road and trail tires from Btwin Trekking. They will accompany you wherever you want to take them.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the pressure of these tires. Indeed, it is recommended that they be set at a minimum of 2 bar and a maximum of 4 bar. All these details are of course available on the sidewall of each tire.

The price of the Riverside 500

If you want to buy this specific model, you will have to pay about 330€. This price is in total adequacy with the objectives of the brand. Indeed, the latter wishes to make the practice of sports and/or outdoor available to all (general public).

Accessories and warranty

For the greatest happiness of its user, the Riverside 500 cross-country bike is automatically equipped with a bell, a light at the front and at the back. By choosing this model, you can also count on reflectors on the wheels and flat pedals with a wide surface for a better foot hold.

If these accessories are not enough for you, you can add additional ones such as a luggage rack, a center stand or mudguards. Some sizes are also compatible with a baby carrier on frame.

In case of problem with some parts of your road companion, you can count on a guarantee. The frame, stem and handlebars are guaranteed for life. While the spare parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

Weight of the Riverside 500

As for the weight of the Riverside 500 cross-country bike, the user will have to count about 14kg for the size M model. However, you should keep in mind that some other models are even heavier.

Especially when they are equipped with rear suspensions to ensure even more comfort to the user. Moreover, the group wanted to lighten this model by equipping it with an aluminum frame and thus make it lighter.

Maintenance and storage tips

You don’t need any special equipment to take care of your Decathlon Riverside 500, all you need is a cloth, a sponge and a basin. It is strongly recommended to clean and dry your bike after your ride.

Then, you will just have to store it properly. Our advice on this subject is as follows: you should choose a place that is protected from humidity and any corrosive elements.

The Decathlon Riverside 500 against the competition

Today we are witnessing a real interest in bicycles in the broadest sense. Many households wish to equip themselves with these means of locomotion. It is thus quite naturally that the classic and electric bicycles literally invaded our cities and our countryside.

So, whether you want to move around town, go for a ride in the countryside or go hiking in the mountains, you should find a model that suits you among all the references present on the mobility market.

Today, many road users wish to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing the use of “polluting” means of transportation in favor of fellow travelers using green energy and therefore less or not polluting at all.

It is therefore quite natural that many brands have established themselves in this very specific field of green mobility. You should keep in mind that Decathlon wants to offer high performance and quality products at very attractive prices to the general public.

That’s why you can find classic or electrically assisted models for all types of cycling, either in a store or on the online site. Despite the presence of an electric assistance in some models, the quality and design of the latter will certainly not leave you indifferent.

And why not switch to electric ?

Do you want to change your travel habits? Or reduce your impact on the environment and produce less greenhouse gases? Then why not opt for an electrically assisted bicycle?

Riverside 500 Decathlon bike in electric it exists ?

Wondering whether or not you should go electric? It is indeed a possibility. But will it be adapted to your situation and especially will it meet your needs in terms of mobility? Because as for a classic bike, you will have to choose an electric bike, electrically assisted bike, which meets your needs and your criteria.

If all the indicators are green for you, then you can embark on the electric bike adventure. You should know that Decathlon offers a wide range of bikes of this type for a multitude of uses (mountain bike, mountain bike, city bike, folding bike or for children).

Even if the latter has recently changed the name of its different products, it keeps its line of conduct. Indeed, it markets quality products but adapted to the budget of many households. This is why even the versions with electric assistance remain reasonably priced and affordable.

You’ll have no excuse to switch to green energy and get around while reducing your impact on the environment. The Decathlon Riverside 500 is a model that also comes in an electric version. You could therefore enjoy the elements of the classic model but with an electric assistance in addition.

Purchase aids

Nevertheless, we are aware that financing a means of locomotion of this type is not necessarily an easy thing. You should keep in mind that financing aids exist and that they can be a real asset to help you acquire an electric bike.

Indeed, the amounts to be disbursed can sometimes be consequent and can represent a real investment. You should therefore keep this in mind when making your choice. This is why some European Union countries have set up these aids. In France, it is also help from the regions and the municipalities

Some of them can even be combined. You will certainly be able to see this for yourself, so the basic investment will be much lower for the future user. Here are some key elements that you should be aware of as an example:

  • Government aid: equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200€ maximum.
  • Regional aid: variable according to the regions, between 150€ and 600€.
  • Communal aid: depends on the communes, in Paris for the purchase of an electric bike, the consumer can receive up to 400€.

Thus, you will have understood that the amount that you should pay for the acquisition of an electrically assisted bicycle should be much less than the initial price. Be careful though, you will obviously have to check the elements that make you eligible or not.

To know this, you will just have to go directly to the government website. The latter lists all the elements and conditions that you will have to meet in order to receive aid for the purchase of your electric bicycle.

Riverside in electric version

As you now know, Decathlon has quickly established itself in the world of sports equipment available to individuals but also and especially in the field of cycling. The latter markets a significant number of references to meet all practices. So, we could ask ourselves why such a passion for the brand and for the bikes it offers for sale.

The reason is quite simple. Indeed, it is aimed at the whole population. In other words, the tricolored group has bet on the large distribution of accessories and equipment necessary and useful for the practice of physical activity and sports. By going to the store or online, you are sure to find the equipment that will suit your practice.

It is thus quite naturally that the latter could impose itself in the universe of the cycling. So, whether you are looking for a model to get around town, to go to work, to ride on more complex paths or to go hiking in the mountains, you should find what you are looking for among the models offered by the company.

You can find these different ranges in their classic versions but also in their electric versions. This means that your travel companion can, if you wish, provide you with electric assistance.


If you’re looking for a ride in the country or in the city, then the Riverside 500 cross-country bike is an ideal companion. It’s comfortable and equipped with accessories to enhance your riding experience. You can count on quality components.

The price announced by the Tricolor group remains reasonable and within the reach of all budgets. The comfort and safety of this road companion are assured by numerous accessories. If you are seriously considering going electric and you like this model, you should know that it does exist in an electric version.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly offers articles on electric and traditional bikes


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