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Cube Stereo hybrid 140 : a reference on the market

Specialized in the world of cycling since 1990, the Cube brand has quickly become a reference. Its reputation and know-how are no longer in question. Moreover, the German group has become a key player in the field of electric bicycles. It provides users with products adapted to all types of practices. As well the use for daily displacements in city as for excursions in mountain. Discover one of the little jewels of the brand, the electric bike Cube Stereo hybrid 140.

Cube’s electric bikes

You are a fan of cycling sports or simply a fan of this new emerging mobility that is the electric bike. Then you will be delighted to know the German brand Cube.

Founded in 1991, this German brand is a leader in off-road and road bikes. The brand’s bicycles incorporate cutting-edge technology and noble materials, making them highly sophisticated prototypes.

Before they are put on sale, they are subjected to meticulous tests to guarantee their optimal quality and performance. Today, the brand is present in more than 35 countries, supplying bikes to professionals and amateurs.

CUBE’s range of bikes is very complete, and can be found for both leisure and competition. In fact, the company offers road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and leisure bikes.

In addition to prototypes for men, CUBE also designs a series of bikes for women and children. The best known models for women are the Access, Sting, Axial, Nuroad and Attain WS. For children, the range consists of three series, namely Cubie, Acid and Ella.

To learn more about the group and its products, we invite you to read our article dedicated to Cube.

Presentation of the Cube Stereo hybrid 140

The all-new Cube Stereo hybrid 140 electric bike is the little wonder you can’t live without. With revolutionary technologies, concentrated and cleverly combined, this means of locomotion has everything to make you compete with enduro racers.

It is an ideal product for your displacements in sinuous and difficult access paths, or for your excursions. The various materials and equipment it possesses have been studied at length. All this with the aim of adapting in an optimal way to this type of practice.

Indeed, if you want a great ally for all your excursions whether they are more or less difficult, you are at the right place. Because the Cube Stereo hybrid 140 electric bike is without a doubt the one that will best meet your expectations,

Its Drive Unit Performance CX Generation 4 motor and its Bosch Power Tube 625 battery are directly integrated into the frame of the Cube Reaction Hybrid 140 electric bicycle. Thus, no discomfort will be perceptible during its use by the consumer.

The Cube Stereo hybrid 140 against the competition

The brands from the cycling field are in a complex situation. Indeed, there is no lack of electric bikes. You can find all kinds and at all prices. This is why it is important for the consumer to make a comparison and to sort out.

Fortunately, brands such as Cube can be easily differentiated from others. Indeed, the advanced technologies and materials used for their bikes make the difference. The Cube Stereo hybrid 140 stands out legitimately against its competitors. Moreover, our teams will very soon make a comparison of the best electric mountain bikes on the market.

Technical specifications of the Cube Stereo hybrid 140

Power and operation

The Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX Generation 4 (85 Nm) Cruise (250 Watts) is the motor that gives the Cube Stereo hybrid 140 a boost for successful acceleration out of corners. It is a compact, light and powerful engine.

Its technology combines high-quality materials and high-end sensors to ensure that the brand’s electric bike achieves optimal performance. Thanks to the motorization, this means of transportation offers the user a more natural, intuitive and powerful driving experience.

The electric bike’s motor offers up to 85 Nm of torque and new motor management features. As with many electric bikes, the Stereo Hybrid 140 will allow you to choose between several assistance levels: Off, Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. The Tour mode is very efficient for uphill riding.

As for the Eco mode, it allows you to cover more distance in terms of kilometers while saving the battery. Please note that the Turbo mode consumes a lot of energy but allows the cube electric bike to show its full power, especially in the most difficult terrain.


The Cube Stereo hybrid 140 electric bicycle is equipped with a Bosch Power Tube 625 battery. This is a little gem of technology with a nominal capacity of 16.7 Ah and a power output of approximately 625 Wh.

This Lithium-ion battery offers the means of locomotion the guarantee of a maximum autonomy but also of a good endurance to cross the unevenness easily. The safety system with which this electric bicycle is equipped prevents the battery from falling out even on difficult terrain.

With all these features, the range of this electric bike can reach 150 km. Depending on parameters such as the user’s weight, weather conditions, the mode used (Turbo, Sport, Tour, etc.), altitude differences, etc., the cube’s autonomy may vary and decrease. In addition, it is equipped with a Sram NX Eagle 12-speed transmission, which offers precise and fast gear changes.

Weight and size

If you want to buy this Cube electric bicycle, you can choose between different sizes so that it will fit perfectly to your own size and bring you a comfortable ride: 15 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches. The size guide is as follows:

  • 15 inches for a person whose height is between 155 cm and 166 cm
  • 16 inches for a person whose height is between 161 cm and 170 cm
  • 18 inches for a person whose height is between 169 cm and 178 cm
  • 20 inches for a person whose height is between 177 cm and 186 cm
  • 22 inches for a person whose height is between 185 cm and 197 cm

As for the weight of the Cube Stereo hybrid 140, it reaches 24.3 kg. This may seem heavy for an electric bike, but it is not a real problem because it is well balanced. This is an advantage because it offers excellent riding comfort even on rough roads. Moreover, it can support up to 135 kg (weight of the bike, user and additional accessories).


In addition to the motor and battery, it also has a Bosch Kiox display, Sram NX Eagle transmission, Maxxis 2.5 and 2.4 inch tires, and Newmen wheels offering better acceleration capability. For guidance, it incorporates a Newmen Evolution handlebar and a high-performance headset.

Safety and comfort

For safety and comfort you can count on Maxxis Assegai, MaxxGrip/EXO+ 2.5 inch front tires and Maxxis Minion DHR II, MaxxGrip/DoubleDown 2.4 inch rear tires married to Newmen Evolution wheels with Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes. This type of brake provides you with very powerful and precise braking that will surprise you.

For your comfort the German brand has equipped this means of locomotion with high quality materials! It includes a Fox Float 36 fork coupled with a shock absorber of the same brand to ensure a strong absorption of the irregularities of the ground and an additional precision of piloting.


The maintenance of this bicycle is of an optimal simplicity. Concerning its motor, it is important to check its tightening regularly to avoid accidents. For the battery, it must be stored in a clean, dry place at an average temperature. Using the battery at too low or too high a temperature can damage the cells.

For other mechanical parts, cleaning with soapy water is recommended. High-pressure water jets should be avoided because their power could damage electronic and mechanical parts. A few quick checks are recommended after each ride.

The Cube Stereo hybrid 140 : the price

The bike Stereo Hybrid 140 of the brand CUBEcoute 5.499 € TTC. But its value for money is excellent because of its reliability, its durability, the power of its motor and its high-end components.

If this product meets all your criteria and you want to take the plunge, you can apply for assistance in purchasing this mode of transportation. Other options are also available, such as payment in installments.

Do I need insurance ?

It is not necessary to take out special insurance for this type of transport. Indeed, the electric assistance stops at 25 km/h. You just have to make sure you have a civil liability insurance. This will allow you to avoid having to pay money in case of damage to another user.

However, in case of damage to a third party, it is advisable to opt for a civil liability guarantee. This way, you won’t have to pay a cent for the damage caused.

Purchase aids

We know that the purchase of a product of this kind is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, it is a real investment. However, in some countries of the European Union, there is financial aid.

As in France for example, the French state and local authorities try to make the acquisition of these means of transport more accessible by proposing plans of aid to the purchase. These aids are not negligible.

It is true that if the purchase amount can be important, the proposed aids can represent a large amount of the basic investment. For example, in the Ile-de-France region, depending on the type of bike purchased, buyers can benefit from up to 500 euros of aid on the total price of the bike.

To learn more, we invite you to read our article dedicated to this. It should be noted that the owner of the bicycle will benefit from this bonus only once.

The advantages of the Cube Stereo hybrid 140

This hybrid bike, both mountain bike and electric bike, is the ideal solution for long and sporty rides. Its Bosch drive unit, 12-speed transmission and hydraulic disc brakes allow you to go further and discover new trails.

With its two carbon and aluminum triangles, the rider benefits from a certain lightness and a great flexibility of handling. The bike is comfortable in all circumstances. It enjoys a better robustness in time.

How to choose your travel companion?

Choosing your means of transportation is becoming less and less obvious. Indeed, the presence on the cycling market of an increasing number of brands does not make things easier for future users. That’s why our team offers you to take note of some tips and important points so that you can make the most suitable choice for you.

Define your practice

This may seem obvious, but many people don’t take the time to find out exactly what type of riding they need a Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 electric bicycle for, or any other brand for that matter. However, it is absolutely necessary to ask yourself this question before starting your research.

You will be able to choose among a multitude of models adapted for urban use, on the road, in the mountains, in the countryside or on the track. There are as many possibilities as there are practices. Nevertheless, this first step is crucial because it will allow you to filter out a first part of the products that would not be adapted to your practice or your needs in terms of mobility.

Equipment and comfort

Your equipment and expected comfort will naturally depend on your practice. If you want to ride in the mountains or on rough roads your needs will not be the same as for urban use.

Indeed, you will certainly want to take advantage of a suspension fork and rear suspension to absorb shocks and any roughness of the trail you ride on. On the other hand, for urban use, you will appreciate a comfortable and soft seat, ergonomic grips or front and rear lights for a better visibility.

The price

Again, this is a central element. Before you even begin your search for the perfect travel companion, you should set a budget. You should not linger on models that are out of reach. This will save you a lot of disappointment. You will be able to better target your search and determine which products you should pay attention to and which ones should not stop you.

However, you should know that in case you fall in love with a more expensive model, certain aids have been put in place to help you finance your means of transportation. Check with your local town hall to see if they have anything in place.

Make a comparison

As soon as you have several models in your sights, don’t hesitate to draw up a comparison table. This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of each model so that you have an overall view.

The objective of this approach is to raise the quality and the defects of each selected product in order to determine the one that best meets your needs in terms of mobility and that by definition corresponds to you.

Choose the right size

In order to fully enjoy your excursions and walks, you must have a product adapted to your practice but also adapted to you. Indeed, this one will have to be comfortable and thus to be with the good size. If your size is within the wide range of a model, then you don’t need to ask yourself any more questions than that.

However, if you are right between two size ranges, then the question becomes more difficult. You will have to decide if you want comfort or performance. The size below will allow you to opt for a more comfortable seat due to the posture of your back which will be more straight. While the size down will make you gain in performance thanks to a more elongated position.

In either case, if you have any doubts, you can contact experts or advisors in the field of cycling to answer all your questions. They will be happy to remove any lingering doubts.

To conclude

The Cube Stereo hybrid 140 is a quality product. The equipment and accessories it comes with are up to the task. Moreover, they will satisfy you during the use of the latter. If you are looking for an ally for your quiet or sporty trips, then look no further. Let yourself be surprised by this little jewel signed Cube.

In order to guide you in making the best choice, the OnMyBike team writes our daily tests and reviews of many traditional and electric bikes.


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