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Wayscral Everyway E100 electric bike review

Are you looking for an electric city bike? But you don’t know where to turn or where to buy it? Well, we’re here to help you take part in the great adventure of green mobility. Why not start by discovering our opinion about the Wayscral Everyway e100 electric bike offered by Norauto ?

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Introducing the Wayscral Everyway E100

The Wayscral Everyway E100 electric bike is a product designed and adapted for city use. As announced earlier, it is offered by Norauto.

Already present on the mobility market, the latter has decided to put a foot in the stirrup by offering a range of transport running on green energy.

At first glance

The Wayscral Everyway E100 is an electric bicycle adapted to the urban environment. The French group offers you a fairly simple, practical and the most economical product in its range.

It has a number of features that you should be able to rely on during your daily commute. Read on to find out what we think of the Wayscral Everyway E100 electric bike.

Facing the competition


Wayscral Everyway E100 Technical Specifications

Power and operation

The Wayscral Everyway E100 electric city bike is equipped with a 250W electric motor on the rear wheel. It will allow you to use several modes of operation, 3 to be exact!


The autonomy is a key element for an electric bike, if not the most important! This is determined by the type of battery on board your means of transportation.

For the Wayscral Everyway E100, it is a 36 V / 7.8 Ah lithium cell battery from Samsung that weighs about 2.2kg. It has a life span of 500 recharge cycles (charge – discharge).

The latter will help you over a distance of 25 to 40 km and up to a maximum speed of 25km/h. The autonomy actually depends on the battery but also on the external conditions.

Thus, it will be necessary to take into account the weight of the user, the traffic conditions, the weather conditions or the “difficulty” of the route (ascents and descents).

Its weight

In terms of weight, this electric bike specially designed for the city is in the average range with its 24kg. However, you should pay attention to another important point, the maximum load supported by the Wayscral Everyway E100. This is 100kg. This includes the user and all his equipment!

Equipment and lighting

In our opinion, the equipment and lighting of this electric bike are up to the level and really meet the needs of urban users. Indeed, as previously mentioned, you will be able to enjoy 3 modes of operation, allowing you to take advantage of an electric assistance from the least to the most powerful.

Moreover, it will be equipped with several elements: kickstand, bell, luggage rack, front and rear mudguards, and finally an integral chain guard.

As for the on-board lighting, it is LED lights. Thus, what better than these to see optimally but also to be seen by other road users! Finally, it has a box on the handlebars, allowing you to check the battery level or to manage the different operating modes.

Comfort and safety

Let’s move on to comfort and safety. The Wayscral Everyway E100 is equipped with V-Brakes at the front and rear. It has standard pedals for its users.

Secondly, it is composed of rigid fork and tires with reflective strips. Thus, you will be visible at the front and rear thanks to the LED lights. But also on the sides thanks to this specificity directly integrated into the tires.

The price

In our opinion, the Wayscral Everyway E100 electric bike will seduce you thanks to its price. Indeed, it is currently proposed at the price of € by the tricolored sign. This is a very reasonable price, especially for a means of transport that runs on green energy.

Many products on the market are offered at much higher prices. However, this one is in the same market as the Peugeot eLC01 electric bike and the Gitane e-Zumba. They are both strong competitors offering high quality finishes and equipment.

To conclude

The product offered by Norauto is really adapted to the city. It offers adapted equipments and in adequacy with its price. In our opinion, the Wayscral Everyway E100 electric bicycle fulfills its mission. It is a means of transport that will be able to respond to your daily trips.

However, if you are looking for more comfort and safety, you should certainly consider other models that are even more complete and suitable.

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