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Elops 900e : a very affordable mid-range

The Btwin Elops 900e is an electrically assisted bike that will get you around with minimal effort. Available with a gooseneck or high frame, the electric bike is the right partner for your urban and extra-urban travel. It is not equipped with the most powerful engine, which makes it not the best choice for hilly…

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Elops 500e review: the urban electric bike

More and more fashionable, ecological transport is becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, for daily journeys or for walks in the city or in nature, they now know how to perfectly meet our needs. Today, we are going to present you a product from a well-known and recognized brand in France, we named Decathlon. Let's see together…

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Elops 920e review: mid-range or high-end ?

The Decathlon brand has well understood the importance attributed to the VAE, the law on energy transition and green growth of August 17, 2015 gives him reason, since it favors, among other things, the use of bicycles and accentuates the creation of new bike paths. We are interested today, in the electric bike Btwin Elops…

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