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Riverside 900

Discover the Riverside 900, a versatile, high-performance mountain bike designed by Decathlon for urban and off-road adventures. With its robust design, smooth transmission and powerful brakes, this bike will take you wherever you want to go. Get ready for unforgettable cycling adventures with the Riverside 900.

The Decathlon Riverside 900 is a versatile mountain bike offering the perfect combination of comfort, performance and style. Designed by Decathlon, this bike is ideal for urban and off-road adventures. Its sturdy frame ensures great stability, while its smooth drivetrain enables fast, precise gear changes. Powerful brakes ensure reliable stopping in any situation.

With its carefully selected features, the Riverside 900 will accompany you on all your cycling outings, whether you’re exploring the city or venturing off the beaten track. Ready to embark on new cycling adventures? The Riverside VTC is there to accompany you.

Riverside 900 sizes

The Decathlon Riverside 900 comes in a range of sizes to suit different cyclists. The sizes available generally range from S to L, offering a wide range of choices for finding the size that best suits your body shape and riding preferences. Whether you’re short or tall, you can find an appropriate size to get the most out of your riding experience with the Decathlon Riverside 900.

S150 – 165 cm
M165 – 180 cm
L180 – 190 cm

Weight and maximum load

The weight of the Riverside 900 can vary depending on the size of the frame and the specific components of the bike. However, on average, the Riverside 900 weighs around 13 kg. It is important to note that the exact weight may vary depending on the specifications and specific configurations of the model chosen.

WeightS: 13.4 kg
M: 13.5 kg
L : 13.6 kg
Maximum load120 kg (user weight and on-board equipment)

Riverside 900 frame and suspension

The aluminium frame has a sporty geometry that allows for a more aggressive riding position on difficult terrain. The Suntour fork is designed to absorb shocks on difficult terrain and improve front-wheel traction.

Mixedframe Mixed, aluminium
Type of bikeSemi-rigid
ForkSuspension, SUNTOUR NCX SF17

Derailleur and drivetrain

The Riverside 900 is equipped with a high-quality derailleur and drivetrain, designed to deliver optimum performance in a variety of terrain and riding conditions. Thanks to its smooth transmission, you can shift gears precisely and efficiently, allowing you to adapt quickly to the different types of terrain you encounter.

Cassette10-speed, MICROSHIFT H100
Single chainring36 teeth interchangeable with 34-tooth and 38-tooth chainrings
ChainKMC X10 with quick-release
Rear derailleurBTWIN by MICROSHIFT RD M62-L

Brakes and wheels

The Riverside 900 Decathlon is equipped with powerful brakes and robust wheels, offering precise braking and exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces. So you can ride your bike safely and with great control.

BrakesSharp, precise Btwin by Tektro TKD32 hydraulic discs
TyresVersatile Trekking speed with Protect reinforcement in 60 TPI

Maintenance and warranty

Decathlon offers a full maintenance service for bikes, including the Riverside 900. You can have your bike serviced in one of their shops, where qualified technicians take care of the necessary repairs, adjustments and overhauls. It is recommended that you follow the regular maintenance recommendations to ensure the smooth running and durability of your Decathlon Riverside 900.

As far as the guarantee is concerned, Decathlon generally offers a guarantee on manufacturing defects in the frame, components and accessories of the bicycle, subject to specific conditions. We recommend that you consult the detailed information provided by Decathlon or contact their customer service department to obtain precise details of the warranty for your Riverside 900 bicycle.

Free servicing within 6 months of purchase
GuaranteeFrame, handlebars and stem guaranteed for life. Spare parts guaranteed for 2 years

Price of the Riverside 900

Although Decathlon’s VTC is no longer available new, it is possible to find used models that offer good performance and excellent value for money. With careful research and attention to detail, you can find a second-hand Riverside 900 that meets your needs and lets you get the most out of your cycling outings.

PricesAccording to used models

Our opinion on this Riverside 900

The Riverside 900 is a mountain bike that has captured the hearts of off-road enthusiasts. With its versatile performance and solid design, it offers an enjoyable riding experience on a variety of terrains.

Featuring a robust aluminium frame, the Decathlon Riverside 900 is both light and strong, offering great stability and a comfortable ride. Its front suspension absorbs shocks effectively, allowing you to venture onto rough roads with confidence.

The VTC’s smooth transmission allows you to shift between gears quickly and easily, making it easy to adapt to different terrain and riding conditions. Powerful brakes ensure reliable and responsive braking, giving you total control over your ride.

Whether you’re a keen VTC rider or simply looking for a versatile bike for your daily commute, the Riverside will meet your expectations. Its sporty geometry and agility allow you to venture off the beaten track with ease, while remaining comfortable for urban commuting.


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