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Mongoose bike : a particular universe


The choice of the bike is an element not to be neglected. So how do we know if our selection is the right one for us and corresponds to our practice? We propose you to discover a brand and a whole range of products adapted to a particular practice. Let’s go on an adventure and learn more about the Mongoose bike group. Will you be able to say that these means of locomotion are made for you? Only one way to find out, discover it all along this article.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Mongoose bikes.


As you know, the cycling market is being taken over by users and manufacturers. As you can see, there is an impressive amount of opportunities and offers. So much so that it is becoming truly difficult for the consumer to find the ideal road companion. So why such an interest?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Indeed, French households want to reduce their impact on the planet by limiting the production of greenhouse gases.This is achieved by a rational consumption of products but also by changing their transportation habits.

Moreover, the government, the regions and some municipalities have set up aids to help the French to acquire less energy consuming means of transport.

Presentation of the Mongoose brand

Mongoose is a Southern California manufacturer of all types of bikes and Mongoose bmx bike, founded in 1974. For more than 30 years, the brand has combined quality manufacturing and forward thinking with the creation of the full suspension bike. Mongoose develops its products with the collaboration of top athletes.

Today, the brand offers a wide range of products to suit different types of use, from Downhill to Trail, not to mention Mongoose bmx. In the 1980s, racers dominated the Mongoose bmx racing circle, while the company continued to innovate by launching the first wave of fully suspended mountain bikes. 

Mongoose has a particular expertise in Mongoose mountain bike, which is why the boot’r is especially appreciated. This brand continues to develop products that motivate cyclists to push their limits. Whether it’s tearing up mountain trails, doing laps in the park, or laying out the urban jungle, cyclists can handle anything with this bike.

From the reinvention of the wheel to the new line of bmx, pavement and mountain bikes, the Mongoose bike is a benchmark of true, flawless performance that always stays the course.

The different ranges of Mongoose bicycles

Mongoose offers several product lines for runners of all ages and levels.

The Pinn’r range

The Pinn’r range offers wonderful Mongoose freeride bikes well equipped for rides, training, but also for competition. Bikes of this range have all an aluminium frame, as well as Fox suspensions.

The model of these suspensions varies according to the finish: Apprentice or Foreman, both with nine speeds. Also at this level, the considerable difference between the finishes is the quality of the groupsets and the wheels used, more on the Foreman than the Apprentice. 

The Teocali range

The Teocali range is made up of All Mongoose mountain bike, whose ultra versatile use will allow you to test your limits on all types of terrain. All Teocali bikes are equipped with a central shock absorber and an aluminum frame. The Teocali comes in two sizes, Teocali Elite and Teocali Super.

The first one favors more efficient and exclusive accessories and wheels for maximum fun and the second one represents a quality-price ratio that is hardly competitive in its segment. All Teocali bikes have front and rear brakes, as well as a front derailleur, Deore for the Elite and SLX for the Super. This allows them to adapt to any type of terrain and gradient.

The boot’r range

The boot’r is the reference model of the Mongoose range. It is an incredible Mongoose mountain bike, punctuated by the Freedrive method, a particularly efficient and practical technology designed by the brand. It also has a suspension connection and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

The boot’r decreases in finish Foreman, Apprentice and Romo. Foreman and Romo will be much more competitive, as they are better equipped than the Apprentice, especially regarding their transmission and wheels. There is also a small difference in weight, since the Romo and Foreman gain one kilo compared to the Apprentice, for a final weight of 16 kilos.

The Ritual range

The Ritual line from Mongoose is composed of different products, including Ritual Dirt and Ritual Street. All of the bikes in this line feature a steel frame and mechanical disc brakes. The Ritual Dirt is more suitable for rough trails, while the Ritual Street, as its name suggests, is more suitable for urban use.

The big difference between these two equipments is the transmission, since the Ritual Dirt benefits from nine gears where the Ritual Street benefits from only one. So there is more versatility on one side, for a relatively low price difference. The choice, however, is mostly a matter of style.

Mongoose bike for whom ?

Are you passionate about bike rides on a pleasant summer day, or are you a cyclist looking for new sports equipment? All your expectations will be met with Mongoose, a high performance bike brand that combines comfort, ease and riding pleasure.

Equipped with high-end materials, the Mongoose bike brand helps your bike evolve without much physical effort, much like classic bikes. It is indeed very classic and manageable.

Between power and finesse, the Mongoose bike simplifies safely the movements in a crowd of traffic. A completely ecological option, which by working most of the muscles improves health. The Mongoose bike is a latest generation means of transportation, most of which are manufactured in China.

But some high-end units were designed in Europe and the United States. Want to know more? Let’s find out more about Mongoose bicycles.          

Types of Mongoose bicycles

Mongoose bicycles are made of high quality materials. They are a great way to exercise and are also very necessary for transportation. There are a large number of Mongoose bicycle available, suitable for specific activities.

Mongoose bmx bike 

The Mongoose bmx bike is ideal for the bmx racing or freestyle riding enthusiast. The majority of these bikes have pegs on the front and rear wheels, this allows for stunts and tricks. These types of bikes have small wheels and a compact space, which makes them easily transportable.

Mongoose mountain bike

The Mongoose mountain bike is perfect for hiking and off-road riding. These bikes are equipped with large wheels with a kind of deep rolling, which ensure a high level of stability on uneven or dirty frames.

These bikes are also equipped with adjustable gears, so that you can go up and down hills very efficiently. They also have hand brakes and some offer coil shocks, which makes the ride smoother. 

The Mongoose urban bikes

The Mongoose urban bikes are equipped with a special design for the road and the city. They are perfect for commuting or riding on city streets. Their wheels are thinner than the Mongoose mountain bike or Mongoose bmx bike and offer precision speed and steering.

Some bikes have a single speed, while others have an adjustable speed. The majority of Mongoose bicycles are equipped with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame. They have adjustable handlebars and seats for comfortable riding.

The Mongoose bike for children’s

Mongoose kids bikes are perfect for young riders learning to ride, as well as for more advanced riders. These bikes are compatible with rear training wheels, and others have training wheels. There are several models of bikes suitable for toddlers, older children, as well as bikes suitable for young teens.          

Where to buy a Mongoose bike ?

Mongoose bicycles are high performance bikes originally marketed by bmx products, but now owned by Dorel industries. It is a very well known bike brand and is widely found throughout the United States. To purchase these bikes, you can order from the Mongoose website.

Mongoose bicycle can also be purchased from retailers like Amazon. Amazon is a great store that offers almost everything you could possibly need. They are very popular, reliable and have been in business for several years. Target and Walmart websites have many models in stock, and shipping at Target is free by the way. You can also find them at Evan Cycles, ToysRus or Sears.

Criteria to buy the right Mongoose bike

To buy the best Mongoose bike, you have to take into account several criteria.

The choice of the size of the bike

It is very important to choose the right size for your needs so that you do not feel uncomfortable, which could slow down your progress. Note that a bike that is too small or too reactive will not provide the stability needed for jumps.

Similarly, a bike that is very large or too long will make it much less practical for performing tricks. However, you should know that there are several sizes of Mongoose bmx bike frames and wheels. It is up to you to make the right choice.

The level of experience

Once you know the size of the bike, you need to find one that suits your level of use, as well as your bmx experience. Of course, a beginner will not have the same needs as a professional rider.

Especially when it comes to the quality of the bike’s equipment and materials. Generally, each data sheet is marked ”Recommended for” to indicate whether the bike is for a beginner, intermediate, pro or expert rider.

The levels


If you don’t have a basic knowledge of Mongoose bmx bike, you can learn to ride in a skatepark, do bunny hop and small jumps.


If you already know and master the basics of Mongoose bmx bike and manage to do a little more daring tricks. Or if you are already a skatepark or freestyle scooter rider.


You have mastered most of your tricks and have already been riding bmx more often for about a year and a half or two years.


You have several years of riding experience, have already done some testing, and have good control of your bike. In that case, you need a high-end bike that can handle your tricks.

On the other hand, following this logic, it is strongly discouraged for an expert to choose a bike for a beginner rider. Since the bike would not be prepared to withstand the shocks and the use that will be made of it, and would thus risk to be damaged quickly. There are of course exceptions, for example for a beginner rider, but very strong.

It is then preferable to choose a high level bike, which will use more resistant materials. Note that the level of a rider evolves with time, and that logically his bike will have to evolve in the same direction. A beginner rider can therefore turn to a pro bike. 

The materials of the Mongoose bicycle

The quality of a bike is often defined by the materials used in the fork, frame and handlebars. There are several categories of steel indicated in the data sheets:

  • Hiten steel : it is a low carbon steel, making the bike easy to weld or work. Much tougher than basic steel, it is still affordable. It is generally found on beginner and intermediate bikes.
  • Chromoly steel: also low in carbon, it is nevertheless made of chromium and molybdenum, as its nickname indicates. This composition makes the bike 50% more resistant than a Hiten steel. However, the use of chromoly makes it possible to have parts that are more resistant and generally lighter. As you can see, the more chromoly steel a Mongoose bike contains, the stronger and more durable it will be.


There are several types of bearings on Mongoose bicycle.

  • Looseball bearings: These are made up of balls in a cage or in bulk. These bearings are inexpensive, but dust and moisture get in more easily. However, they require regular maintenance, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment.
  • Semi-sealed bearings: they are found in particular in rear hubs. This means that the hub uses two kinds of bearings: looseball and sealed. The sealed bearing is in most cases intended to increase the strength of the hub.
  • Sealed bearings: the balls are sealed and greased between two seals and rings. This gives them a good rotation, a longer life and does not require much maintenance. Whether it’s the fork, crankset or wheels, the difference is obvious. However, if you want a bike with stronger, longer-lasting, low-maintenance bearings, opt for a model with more sealed bearings. 

The rims: single or double wall ?    

As their name indicates, double wall rims have an extra wall, which increases their strength and rigidity. You will find them at the rear of the bike, since this is the wheel that will receive the most shocks in bmx. The ideal is to have double wall rims in front and in the back. And of course, remember to maintain the spoke tension often in order to limit the risk of warping.

One-piece crankset or three-piece crankset?

Some Mongoose bicycle for beginners still have a single-piece crankset. This kind of crankset makes the bike more affordable, but it has some drawbacks:

  • Solidity and durability: in general, the monobloc crankset is a simple piece of metal bent into shape, which does not easily withstand heavy shocks. It will therefore tend to bend more easily because of its dimensions.
  • Bicycle upgradeability: the one-piece cranksets are connected to specific pedals and looseball bearings. Therefore, if you evolve and want to improve your bike, you will have to change the crankset, the bottom bracket bearings and the pedals. So if you have to choose between a one-piece crankset and a three-piece crankset, choose the three-piece.

These few points will help you choose the right Mongoose bike.

How much does a Mongoose bike cost?      

As you know, the Mongoose bike is a trusted and world-renowned brand. And to meet all needs, it is available in many sizes with unique features. However, as far as price is concerned, it varies from one model to another. You will have to go to a Mongoose bike store, choose your model to find out the cost. 

You can also go to online sales sites. The latter will allow you to make comparisons between products and their characteristics. You will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each product. In addition, a comparison table will allow you to take into account each of the characteristics of each model.

Purchase aids

Are you afraid of spending a lot of money at once? Or do you lack the financial means to ride your bike? Once again, Mongoose has found the solution. In some countries of the European Union, it is indeed possible to benefit from a financial aid of an invariable Annual Percentage Rate of 0%.

The rate is applicable on a number of five to ten monthly payments. As for the offer, it is valid for any purchase between 150 euros and 10,000 euros. It is a subsidy that has been made possible by the State in order to encourage the use of these types of bikes.

All you have to do is go to one of the above-mentioned stores to take advantage of it. Just like some electric bikes, the Mongoose bike is a very economical solution compared to vehicles, designed to facilitate safe travel. Try this brand, and you’ll say the same!  


We can undoubtedly tell you that the Mongoose bike is a product adapted to a particular practice. Of course, you will have to take stock of your needs, especially in terms of mobility. What will be the objective of your travels? Do you have to go to work, or would it be for a leisure practice, or a sport practice?

So many elements that must be taken into account to choose the right companion. We believe that the means of transportation offered by the company meet a large number of criteria. At the same time design, practical and quality, the product of the brand has everything to please you.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact experts in the field. They will be able to give you all the answers to your questions and remove all doubts.

To help you make your choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes