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Giant Dailytour E+ : the ultimate urban bike

In recent years, urban traffic has become more and more complicated. With traffic jams at every turn, rising parking costs, crowded public transportation, not to mention the environmental damage caused by car fumes, riding a 2-wheeled bike seems like the best solution. Easy to handle, economical and above all revolutionary, the Giant Dailytour E+ electric bike is a natural fit in a very competitive market.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Giant electric bikes.

Giant’s electric bikes

Choosing an electric bike, very good. But which one? Which one is the right one for you and how to choose it? Once you have determined your needs, it is time to do some research among all the competitors and creators of means of locomotion.

You will most likely hear about the different lines of the Giant brand. By opting for this group, you choose know-how, robustness and design. This group is known for its quality products and it shows it by its positive customer feedback.

To learn more about the group and its products, we invite you to consult our article dedicated to Giant.

Introducing the Giant Dailytour E 2

The Giant Dailytour electric bike is very versatile and practical and is ideal for everyday use in a variety of environments. It comes with every built-in feature you can think of, including a kickstand, lights, fenders and racks – all carefully designed and built to help you pack and carry your stuff.

With a 60nm SyncDrive Life engine, you also have the option of riding in automatic assist mode. This technology determines the assistance you need and automatically shifts so you can fully concentrate on the road.

The Giant Dailytour electric bike’s on-board navigation is another great feature, and it’s brought to you by a new Ridecontrol Evo display that’s seamlessly integrated into the handlebars.

An integrated lighting system works day and night, increasing your visibility and safety on the road. And a monoshock od2 suspension fork absorbs bumps to smooth out your ride.

The Giant Dailytour E+ against the competition

The electric bicycle in general knows a growing interest as well in the city as in the countryside. It is the preferred means of transportation to get to work or simply to enjoy a short ride. Today, it is everywhere. So it’s hard to find your way around?

Well, we can’t advise you enough to take stock of the situation. And above all, compare! There are many things to consider, but we are sure that the quality of the Giant brand will make you come back to the Giant Dailytour E 2.

Technical specifications of the Giant Dailytour E+

Power and operation

With a syncdrive life 60nm motor on the Giant Dailytour E 2 electric bike, you have the ability to ride in smart assist mode. This automatically determines the assistance you need and moves automatically.

All this is possible only because of four sensors: wheel speed, pedal torque and engine speed. The data from these sensors is used to provide the optimal level of assistance as seamlessly as possible.

This compact central motor ensures perfect weight distribution, making the e-bike more stable and balanced. The centered mass allows for a natural weight balance while riding and standing. Giant electric bike helps you ride in comfort and freedom, delivering a maximum torque of 60 Nm (Newton meters) with proven performance and reliability.

In addition, dailytour Giant’s new PedalPlus 6 sensor technology is used in the SyncDrive Life motor technology and has an additional tilt sensor and acceleration sensor. While the PedalPlus 6 sensor technology can detect tilt, it also offers an automatic smart assist mode function that provides the rider with an easier riding experience.

This new sensor technology calculates torque amplitude, cadence, incline and speed and, based on these calculations, determines how much engine power the driver needs.


This means of locomotion is equipped with a 625 Wh EnergyPak battery. The autonomy of the battery has been reinforced compared to the previous models. Its design remains totally uncluttered and discreet to integrate subtly into the structures of the bike.

You’re probably wondering how many kilometers you’ll be able to ride on the battery of your Giant Dailtour E+ electric bicycle. Of course, the range of a fully charged battery will depend on several parameters, including your weight, your riding position and your riding style. The latter refers to the cadence and frequency of starts.

The assistance mode you select can also influence the battery life. It also depends on the type of terrain you are facing: uphill or downhill? Asphalt or road? Headwind or tailwind?

So, there is no precise data on the battery life of this electric bike. The only guarantee you can be sure of is the quality of its design and performance. However, the indications that the Giant brand gives us for the Giant Dailytour E+ are as follows:

  • in extreme conditions about 75 km of autonomy,
  • in good conditions about 145 km of autonomy,
  • and in ideal conditions about 220 km.

Weight and size

As for the weight of the Giant Dailytour E+, no information is provided by the manufacturer. Nothing beats a product test to see how it handles.

Then, the brand tells us that the latter is available in several sizes, to meet the needs of older and younger. And at the same time provide greater comfort to the ride: XS, S, M and L. The size guide is as follows:

  • XS fits a user whose height is between 155 cm and 165 cm
  • S fits a user whose height is between 162 cm and 172 cm
  • M fits a user whose height is between 169 cm and 179 cm
  • L fits a user whose height is between 176 cm and 186 cm
  • Equipment

    This electric bike is equipped with integrated equipment such as a kickstand, mudguards and a rear luggage rack. The latter will allow you to carry your belongings safely. On the handlebars of the Giant Dailytour E+, you will find the Giant RideDash EVO. This is a meter connected via Bluetooth to the bike’s electrical system.

    It is a screen compatible with a number of applications. Its role is to display in color essential data such as speeds (instantaneous and maximum), total distance traveled, battery capacity, USB port, etc. It also shows an estimate of the autonomy in real time.

    Safety and comfort

    The handlebars of this electric bike have been specially designed to be ergonomic. It is equipped with the Giant RideContril ERGO 2, which offers innovative and practical features for everyday use. To control your bike, you’ll have smartly arranged buttons at your fingertips.

    The idea is to give you a comfortable grip and a sensational riding experience. The RideControl Ergo 2 has been specially designed for city tours and nature rides.

    Moreover, with this type of transport you would have a navigation function. It allows you to move around without getting lost. This functionality is integrated in the console on the handlebars.

    With a built-in lighting system, you’ll have better visibility on the road, whether you’re riding during the day or at night. This lighting is essential, because you need to see where you are driving. But you also need to be visible to other road users.

    It is composed of an ALUXX SL Aluminum frame, known for its excellent weight/stiffness ratio. This material is composed of an aluminum alloy 6011.

    With the SR Suntour Nex-E25, you’ll enjoy a heavy-duty suspension fork with a locking function and 63mm of suspension travel. This suspension fork helps absorb bumps and smooth out the ride.

    This e-bike is also equipped with a Giant Contour GT handlebar, with an integrated cable (30° rear sweep, 31.8mm). You’ll also find a Royal Look-In gel saddle and VP-613 aluminum pedals. You can also count on quality braking thanks to Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes.

    The price form the Giant Dailytour E 2

    The Giant Dailytour E+ is marketed by the group at a price of 3 550€. This is a high price. It is true that at first glance it is not for everyone. But when you take a closer look, you can understand this price.

    It is one of the best city bikes currently on the market. And it definitely can’t be better. You should know that if this product meets all your criteria and you want to take the plunge, it is possible to apply for assistance for the purchase of this mode of transport. Other options are also available, such as payment in installments.

    Do I need insurance ?

    If you are wondering about insurance, you should know that it is not necessary. Indeed, for electric bikes like this one, that is to say whose assistance is limited to 25 km/h, it is not necessary to subscribe a specific insurance.

    However, we can only advise you to opt for a civil liability guarantee in case of damage caused to a third party. This way, you won’t have to pay anything.

    The advantages of the Giant Dailytour E+

    In short, this E-bike will be your best ally to get around every day, whatever the environment. It will accompany you on your adventures in the wilderness or your errands in town. Indeed, you can take it for a hike of several days or use it to drive you to the office every morning. It will allow you to move effortlessly and without any difficulty.

    Of course, riding this type of machine is still a sporty activity, but it’s a smooth one. You can also deactivate the automatic assistance and pedal normally to work your muscles. Thanks to adapted structures, you will be able to carry heavier loads than with a muscle bike. With this Giant Dailytour E+ electric bike, pedaling has never been so much fun.

    Is there any help for the purchase ?

    We remind you that a purchase of this kind is a real investment. That is why it should not be taken lightly. You must first compare the products available on the market in order to make the most appropriate choice for your practice and your budget. The final goal is to find the product that suits you and your needs.

    Then, you should know that in some countries of the European Union there are aids to help you finance your means of transportation. They give bonuses that can be quite substantial depending on the model chosen.

    Let’s take the example of Ile-de-France, depending on the type of electric bike purchased, buyers can benefit from up to 500 euros of aid on the total price of the electric bike. We will talk about this in more detail in a future article. To find out if you are eligible for these grants, we advise you to contact your local authorities.

    To conclude

    When you choose the Giant Dailytour E+, you’re choosing a product packed with technology. But also of very high quality and whose comfort will not be questioned. It is a very complete, stylish and elegant means of locomotion. In short, by buying this product you are not mistaken !

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