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Cube reaction hybrid pro 625 : a high-performance mountain bike !

If you want to buy a bike, your choice must be based on precise criteria. An ideal electric bike is one that will accompany you for years and over long distances. Therefore, the choice of a mountain bike or an electric mountain bike is not to be made lightly. Several brands of electric bikes exist on the market, but one brand deserves your full attention. This is the Cube company, which produces quality bikes such as the Cube reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad. Discover in this article the main characteristics of this bike.

Competitive environment

Nowadays, we observe more and more the use of alternative means of transportation to the detriment of the vehicle. Indeed, electric scooters and electric bicycles are in great demand. This rush towards these new modes of transport is explained by the desire of individuals to reduce the effect of travel on the environment.

The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, it will be necessary to consume less and especially in a judicious way. The main consequence of this new way of life is the reduction of the use of means of transport which run on fossil energy.

Moreover, these revolutionary means of transport are widely used, because the governments have put in place aids and bonuses to make them accessible to all. Thus, many citizens will turn to these means of transportation.

Presentation of the Cube brand

Cube is a German company that was founded in 1993. Since then, it has focused on research and development. Indeed, its goal is to design an electric bike that combines reliability, robustness and safety. Therefore, it wants to make an electric bike that is beyond reproach.

Over time, the brand has managed to stand out from its competitors with cross-country electric bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes. Cube is also recognized in major competitions such as the Tour de France. Cube’s products are extremely popular with consumers because of their quality and affordability. In addition, Cube has many models that are present in several countries.

Presentation of the Cube Reaction Hybrid pro 625

The Cube reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad is ideally suited for your expeditions in the wilderness, your urban travel or your hikes. Indeed, it is equipped with a Bosch Drive Unit Performance Generation 3 motor which increases its capacities. Let’s not forget its battery which gives it an outstanding autonomy.

The electrically assisted mountain bike is ideal for high-level athletes or for people who just want to have a means of locomotion.

The Cube Reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad against the competition

This bike is part of a growing market. As a result, it has competitors vying to outdo it. However, it provides a certain comfort and particular performance that distinguishes it from other bikes. In addition, its finish, design and quality are strong assets that make the difference.

Power and operation

As previously stated, the Cube reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad is equipped with a powerful third generation Bosch motor with 65 Nm. This provides the bike with a controlled propulsion and helps to relieve the rider in case of a road breakdown.

Thus, it is a great support during the practice of cycling whether you are a sportsman or a simple cyclist. In addition, the Cube Reaction hybrid pro 625 allows you to access several levels of assistance.


The first element to mention is the dashboard. Thanks to its Bosch Purion screen, you will have access to the data related to your driving. Note that the on-board computer is perfectly adapted to the handlebars. Moreover, it is precise, minimalist and particularly efficient. Therefore, you will be entitled to totally reliable information.

In addition, the threaded eyelets on the seatstays allow you to attach a luggage rack to carry your belongings during the day. With all these features and accessories, the Cube Reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad is ideal for long family rides.

Autonomy of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 is equipped with a lithium battery of 625 Wh which guarantees a long autonomy. Thanks to this battery, you will be able to drive approximately 120 km in eco mode. However, this information is subject to change, as it depends on the use, the type of road or the route taken.

The weather and the condition of the tires are also factors to consider. Note that the battery and motor are located at the bottom and in the center for optimal maneuverability. In addition, the Bosch Power tube 625 Wh battery is one of the lightest batteries in the world.

In addition, the Shimano Alivio 9-speed transmission is controlled from the handlebars. It allows for a fairly fluid gear change. Thus, you will be able to vary the autonomy of your machine. In addition, it is recommended to make a gear change to ease the use of the electric bike.

Safety and comfort

The first element that guarantees your safety is the braking system. Indeed, the Cube Reaction hybrid pro 625 allroad has 180 mm Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that help control your speed in any circumstance or weather condition. Thanks to these brakes, you benefit from powerful, efficient and precise braking.

When it comes to comfort, Cube has provided high-quality, high-performance components to ensure a smooth ride. These include wide Schwalbe tires for optimal grip, a Suntour suspension fork with 100 mm of travel that absorbs shocks, and a handlebar lockout system that makes it easy to ride on uneven terrain. And let’s not forget the ideal cross-country frame.

Price of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625

The Cube Reaction hybrid pro 625 is available for 2599 euros. This price may seem high, but it is important to remember that this is an electric bike with incredible performance. Its safety and comfort features and its equipment make this bike quite reliable and special. Therefore, this price is not exaggerated.

Weight and size

With Cube Reaction Hybrid pro 625 allroad, you can choose from several sizes:

  • 13.5 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 17 inches
  • 19 inches
  • 21 inches
  • 23 inches
  • So you have the freedom to make a choice that suits you. Regarding the weight, the Cube Reaction pro 625 with aluminum frame weighs 23.7kg. In addition, it is designed to support a total load of 135 kg whether it is the weight of the rider, the bike or additional loads.

    Aid for the purchase

    The purchase of a property of this value is not done on a whim, because it is an investment. However, the French government and local authorities provide assistance to relieve you. These are not negligible and contribute to relieve you after the purchase of a Cube Reaction Hybrid pro 625 allroad.

    Moreover, they can represent a good part of the purchase price of the electric bicycle. These subsidies encourage you to use this totally ecological means of transportation. To benefit from this assistance, you can obtain information from your local council.

    Should I insure my Cube reaction hybrid pro 625 ?

    Given its price, it is important to insure your means of transportation. Moreover, it allows you to travel in complete safety. There is no need for a special insurance in case the electric assistance is not functional beyond 25 km/h.

    Thus, you will not have to follow any particular procedure to insure your bike. You must remember that if you cause harm to others, you will be held responsible and you must pay to repair the damage caused.

    The different models of the Cube brand

    Cube bikes are known for their endurance and comfort. They are therefore designed for everyone without exception. Therefore, they can meet all your needs. The Cube brand manufactures cross-country electric bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes.

    Thus, with this brand you will be able to find the machine that suits your needs. Also note that each bike produced by the Cube brand is the result of an incredible collaboration between the company’s engineers.

    In addition, the association of the giant of the automobile industry Bosch with the Cube company allows to have powerful bikes.

    The Cube Hybrid mountain bike

    It is ideal for your escapades in the middle of nature, because it adapts perfectly to your desires and your practice. This range allows you to make beautiful walks and combines pleasure and leisure. Thus, you can satisfy all your needs.

    The Cube Hybrid cross-country

    Electrically-assisted mountain bikes are suitable for riding in the wilderness and in the forest. However, the cross-country are more efficient on the traced paths. Indeed, they are versatile, sober and classy.

    In addition, they are high quality all-terrain bikes. They are also equipped with many features that increase their performance. This range includes models like the Cross Hybrid.

    The Hybrid Cube electric city bike

    The city bike is made to provide comfort and convenience in all your travels. Indeed, it is adapted to urban traffic. Therefore, it can accompany you on your way to work. It is also useful for shopping, excursions or walks. Moreover, it represents a valid alternative if you wish to change your way of moving in the city.

    It allows you to move easily without making any effort. This way, you will be able to keep your various appointments without being late. Moreover, Cube’s city bikes are efficient and extremely safe and perfect for enjoying nature. Thanks to its luggage rack, the city bike facilitates your daily commute and allows you to easily carry your loads or your groceries.

    Child-friendly cube bikes

    The Cube brand also makes bikes for children. They are quite simple and easy to use bikes: the Cubie. With this model, your child will be able to discover the joys of cycling. It should be noted that these bikes are not electric.

    However, they have the particularity to be light and to be pleasant to use. Therefore, they can facilitate the initiation of your child, because a heavy bike is difficult to maneuver especially for children.

    Criteria for choosing your Cube electric bicycle

    When it comes to mobility, making the right choice is crucial. Your means of travel will have an impact on your life and your daily activities. Therefore, you must absolutely rely on your travel companion.

    Define your needs

    Here you need to know exactly what your mobility needs are. This is the time to know the role that the means of locomotion will play in your life. Do you need an electric bike for your daily commute, for shopping, for a walk? Would you use a heavy or light machine to accompany you on your errands?

    Or are you simply looking for a means of travel for excursions, leisure or mountain hikes? All these questions will allow you to make the ideal choice in terms of means of travel.

    Check the accessories and the quality of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 allroad

    The accessories and equipment of a bicycle are important elements. They can greatly facilitate your daily errands. Indeed, if the electric bicycle is intended for urban use, it is important that it be equipped with adequate lighting.

    Therefore, the bike should be equipped with front and rear lights to facilitate visibility. In addition, the bike should be compact enough to facilitate traffic flow between cars and public transportation.

    Nevertheless, the use of the bicycle is purely sporting in the mountains or in hiking, it is necessary to count on certain elements such as the suspension, the fork which is used to absorb the shocks.

    Let’s not forget the brakes that guarantee your safety. Finally, you must take into account the materials used to design the bike of your dreams. Indeed, a light bike will be easier to handle and more comfortable.

    Market analysis

    It may seem quite complicated and stressful, but you need to get as much information as possible about the different brands that market the bike of your choice. This means that you need to have a history of these brands as well as the principles that they put forth.

    In addition, you can get reviews from consumers of these brands to get a better sense of their world. In this way, you can proceed to eliminate the dubious brands whose products are detrimental to the wellbeing of the customers.

    Once you have chosen a brand, you should choose one or more products to test. At this level too, you can use customer reviews to get an idea of what you are buying.

    In addition, a comparison between several products can be useful for you. To do this, you can draw up a precise table of the qualities and defects of the products. Thus, you will be able to detect the product that meets your expectations.

    The advantages of a Cube electric bike

    There are several brands of electric bikes, which sometimes makes it quite difficult to choose. However, Cube brand bikes are perfect if you want to enjoy the best value for money. Moreover, the German brand produces quality electric bikes.

    Indeed, since its creation, Cube has been constantly innovating to improve these machines and remain competitive. As a result, Cube has succeeded in designing aluminum and carbon electric bikes. These bikes are able to challenge other brands.

    In addition, Cube is ingenious in combining the best motors and batteries available on the market. This makes these bikes suitable for city riding and travel. Let’s also note the excellent quality of the materials used by Cube to manufacture its bikes. The raw material used is quite efficient and resistant to wear and tear.

    Moreover, Cube provides a wide range of models. You will be spoilt for choice. In addition, the electric models are numerous and all more exceptional than the others.

    These bikes are also among the best on the market. Remember that electric bikes have a special design that makes them different from other bikes. In addition, they are equipped with a battery and motor that are quite reliable.

    Cube also makes it a point of honor to make all the bikes in its range comfortable for easy riding. Finally, some electric bikes are equipped with Bosch Intuvia technology, which allows you to have all the information on your bike.

    Conclusion from the Cube reaction hybrid pro 625

    As you can see, you should find complete satisfaction in this model, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 allroad. It will provide you with the comfort you need for your practice thanks to all the equipment and accessories it includes.

    If you have any questions or persistent doubts, do not hesitate to contact the experts in the field. They will be able to listen to you and answer all your questions.

    To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on classic and electric bikes


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