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BMC bikes : is it a good choice ?


If you are reading this article, it means that you are probably planning to buy a bicycle. Maybe it’s for occasional, daily, personal or professional use. Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. Because BMC is a company that specializes in bicycle manufacturing. In this article, we will give you all the details about the different bikes offered by the BMC brand. Then, you will have an overview of the assistance available to you if you want to acquire one. Without further ado, let’s zoom in on the BMC bikes !

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of BMC bikes.

Competitive environment

There are more than a hundred bicycle manufacturers in the world. Models come in a thousand and one variations to meet the growing needs of the market.

Some of the world’s best groupsets include Bergamont, Cannondale, Commencal, Cube, Kona, Felt, Focus Bikes, Giant, Haibike, Lapierre, Mondraker, Moustache, Nakamura, Orbea, Rockrider, Santa Cruz, Trek and BMC. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.

The goal of each manufacturer is to meet a specific need of the consumer. In fact, this is the main reason why they are on the market. Just like BMC, all manufacturers dream of getting their creations on the podium. More and more brands are waging a merciless war to win the hearts of users.

And this by proposing increasingly innovative products. However, manufacturers are not the only ones present on this very tense market. There are also resellers. Some groups, like Alltricks for example, are not satisfied with selling their own products. But they offer consumers a whole range of brands and means of locomotion on a single platform.

Presentation of the BMC bikes brand

BMC or Bicycle Manufacturing Company is a company of BMC trading AG, specialized in the production of bicycles. It is notably known for having equipped the Phonak (a Swiss professional cycling team) and BMC racing teams.

The company has its origins in Switzerland and is inspired by the rugged Swiss landscape and mountains in the design of its products. By the way, mountains are not seen as massive, impassable peaks or summits. They are rather obstacles that can be overcome. The only condition is the will of the user and the chosen material.


The bikes that the brand designs are made to ride in all circumstances. The fact that they are on the podium is no coincidence. From the beginning to the present day, BMC trading AG has used its experience and know-how to create BMC bikes that meet the needs of its customers.

The choice of materials for these means of locomotion is a real work in progress. Since the year 2000, BMC has turned to precision engineering and thanks to a dynamic approach to design and above all its entry into the professional world, the BMC bike is beginning to find itself on the podiums.

That’s why the company chooses light and resistant materials to offer its users a unique and pleasant experience. Thus, the choice was naturally made for carbon. This is how the “Porsche of racing bikes” came into being.

Top of the range BMC bike

BMC only offers superior products to its customers. The main objective of the firm is to enrich the experience of its user through its products. Therefore, the bikes they produce are not just bikes. In fact, they are indispensable tools that are adapted to any route.

In order to test their products, BMC engineers have a whole set of tools and simulators at their disposal. Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a specific meaning and purpose. Whether it is the shape, the length, the choice of materials is studied. So it’s only natural that BMC is able to produce bikes for all types of riding.

Technology for an unforgettable experience

BMC is committed to technological progress. Indeed, the company is constantly seeking perfection and improvement. Secondly, BMC’s engineers provide products that are at the cutting edge of technology. They adapt their knowledge and expertise to new technological discoveries and propose innovative solutions to improve the user experience.

Among other things, they offer BMC mountain bikes that adopt a technology that reduces rider fatigue. To do this, they pay particular attention to the rigidity and vertical flexibility of the bikes.

For road bikes, for example, they are equipped with active suspension, an innovative approach. Generally, this kind of means of locomotion is not equipped with this type of technology.

First of all, each BMC bike designed is studied. Secondly, it is important to emphasize that each of them is designed to meet the needs of the cyclist. In addition, the concept of a comfortable ride is still relevant.

By combining expertise and know-how, BMC is able to provide bikes that combine comfort and performance to allow the cyclist a fast and much less tiring ride.

Presentation of the range

In order to meet the needs of its consumers, BMC has made several models of bikes that can be categorized according to their uses. We can therefore group the different models by: road, gravel, mountain, lifestyle and E-bike AMP.


This type of bike is therefore designed to help you achieve your road exploits. BMC offers you a durable bike that will allow you to easily embrace the cobblestones and the climbs.

Then, if you are a triathlon fan, you will find your happiness among the BMC mountain bikes. Discover the range of BMC routes, summarized in the following tables.

  • Much lighter frames to deliver performance at altitude
  • Easier power transfer, ideal for mountain biking or sprinting
  • Vertical compliance keeps you balanced on rough roads
  • Designed for all types of terrain (smooth asphalt, paved, bumpy roads and gravel roads)
  • Easy power transfer
  • Offers great vertical compliance for long days in the saddle
  • Designed to effectively fight the wind
  • Rigid to provide exceptional power transfer
  • Adjustable to ensure user comfort
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Rigid to facilitate power transfer
  • Adjustable for rider comfort

The models

Let’s take a closer look at the different models available in this category. Let’s start with the Teammachine SLR and ALR. You will have a high quality aluminum frame, which provides a very good balance between stiffness, weight and flexibility.

You can count on hydraulic disc brakes, a sleek design and advanced aerodynamic design. The Roadmachine range includes 2 models. They have a geometry designed to handle all types of roads and offer a perfect fusion between endurance and high speed.

They’re perfect for off-roading, have a sleek design, and incorporate high-quality components. Then there are the Timemachines. They are aerodynamically designed and provide users with increased efficiency at high speeds. It has a very high rigidity, the frame is simplified and the cockpit is adjustable.

So you’ll have all the options at your fingertips. Finally, the Trackmachine offers a refined design, a rigid frame and an adjustment system to maximize comfort.

Bike BMC Gravel

BMC mountain bikes are approved and certified for off-road use. For your adventures in the wilderness, you can enjoy every moment with confidence. Indeed, thanks to its progressive geometry, the bike was created to help you push your limits during a gravel ride.

Very responsive, it will perfectly meet the needs of all, even those who are very demanding. By opting for this model, you will get a package that combines performance and functionality.


During your adventures in the mountains, mountain bikes are the recommended means of transportation. Indeed, they were created to overcome different types of obstacles whether it is for a race or just for exploration. Then, BMC mountain bikes come in several series to meet your needs. Discover the different series offered.

  • Offers a very high level of performance
  • Lightweight and rigid for fast power transfer
  • Low maintenance during racing seasons
  • Designed for long uphill runs and enjoyable descents
  • Incorporates APS suspension
  • Increases climbing and descending performance
  • BMC mountain bike that offers all-terrain speed
  • Geometry designed to meet all the demands of a high performance rider
  • Incorporates Twin Hollow-Core technology
  • Sleek design  
All terrain
  • Combines performance and fun
  • High-end frame
  • Versatile geometry designed to offer maximum comfort even during a descent
  • High quality components

The models

The Twstroke is an absolute balance between stiffness, strength and lightness. Its design conceived for
technical trails. It combines refinement and performance.

The Spedfox AMP is a BMC mountain bike ideal for trail riding, it features a high quality aluminum frame that integrates the battery and motor and a suspension specifically tuned to ensure efficiency when climbing.

The Trailfox AMP adopts carbon frame technology. Its geometry is tailored to provide optimal control and maximum performance for the rider. It uses durable, long-lasting and durable components.

Then there’s the Blast 27, a bike made of durable materials. This bike is equipped with a reactive alloy frame. It uses 27.5-inch wheels that guarantee its all-terrain versatility. It uses very high quality components.

The Fourstroke is designed to dominate modern XC terrain and features a lightweight telescopic seatpost to optimize your riding position. It will give you unparalleled control on a descent. It was designed to allow the rider to have maximum efficiency on a climb.

The Speedfox is designed to offer a very high stability whether it is during a climb or a descent.

Finally, with the Fourstroke LT, you can count on an APS suspension system. It offers an undeniable blend of speed and performance. Moreover, it is equipped with fine components and particularly adapted to various types of trails

BMC Lifestyle bike

The Lifestyle series merges all that is functional and fitness in the bike. It is the ideal tool that can accompany you in all your daily movements, for your explorations or your challenges, discover the whole lifestyle series.

  • Performance and style
  • Amplifies the experience and enhances the ride
Any track
  • Primarily designed for multi-terrain adventures
  • Sleek and elegant design  
  • Combination of performance and elegance
  • Bicycle suitable for city use
  • Modern and classy design 

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of BMC electric bikes.

E-Bike AMP : BMC bike electric version

AMP E-bikes are the most functional bikes designed by BMC. This means they can go anywhere with you and are perfect for your needs. Then, the entire AMP collection meets these criteria and promises you an unparalleled experience.

So whether you’re looking to take on a challenge, ride around town, or explore, BMC e bike combine comfort, power, and functionality.

The AMP collection includes the bikes of the sport range: Alpenchallenge AMP Sport. But also, the bikes for all tracks (Alpenchallenge AMP Cross). And then the bikes designed for city travel (Alpenchallenge AMP City). And finally, the companions for your mountain adventures (Speedfox AMP).

Alpenchallenge AMP sport
  • Perfect fusion of speed and performance
  • Adopts 10mm Micro travel technology for a much smoother road experience
  • Equipped with GRX transmission and Shimano STEPS E-6100 250w drive unit
Alpenchallenge AMP cross
  • Equipped with a Shimano Deore transmission and Shimano Steps E-6100 250w drive unit
  • Equipped with WTB Resolute 42 mm tires
Alpenchallenge AMP city
  • Innovative BMC e bike suitable for city use
  • Made entirely of carbon
  • Offers efficient pedaling assistanceIntegrates 10mm Micro travel frame technology for optimal riding comfort
  • Equipped with lights and fenders  

Buying tips

If you are looking for the ideal BMC e bike for your practice, then you are at the right place. Whether you’re more of a sportsman or you want to ride around town for a stroll along the waterfront, there’s a model that’s right for you.

Nevertheless, you will have to take stock. Having a brand in mind is good. But knowing it and its products is even better.

Define your needs

In order to make a bike purchase that suits you and your practice, we advise you to start by asking yourself a few questions. Why do you want to buy a bike ? Then, what would you use it for? How often will you use it ? You will need to define your expectations of your riding companion and therefore define the important features you want to see incorporated.

These are simple and non-exhaustive questions. These questions will help you make your choice before you make your purchase. As you can see, the bikes produced by BMC are all of very high quality. However, they are mainly designed to meet specific needs.

So, if you want to buy a BMC bike or a BMC e bike for your mountain explorations, we don’t advise you to choose a model suitable for the city. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bike to ride in the Tour de France, don’t choose one that is designed for the mountains. This will affect your performance and detract from your experience.

Indeed, you will have to choose the one that corresponds to your needs in terms of mobility. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of the different options offered by your BMC e bike.

Choose the right size

On the brand’s website, you can access the size guide. The data contained therein is only for information purposes, because to choose the most suitable means of locomotion, other criteria must be taken into account. For example: the length of the arms and legs.

Therefore, the best way to determine which bike is right for you is to get in touch with experts. Some people will most likely straddle two sizes. Again, they will need to ask themselves what they really want. A reclining position will promote performance while a higher position will increase comfort.

Aid available for financing a BMC bike

In some countries in Europe, there is financial aid when buying an BMC e bike. For example, in France, to be able to benefit from this aid, you must meet certain conditions. According to the official website of the French administration, you must be of age and reside in France.

Then, you will have to have a fiscal income inferior or equal to 13 489 € the year preceding the acquisition of the bicycle. Finally, in order to receive the national aid, you must have previously received aid for the same purpose from a local authority.

In addition, the bicycle you purchase must be new and meet the definition of a pedal-assist bicycle provided by the Highway Code. Finally, you are obliged to remain the owner of the bicycle for at least 1 year after its acquisition date.

To find out if you are eligible for financial assistance, we recommend that you contact your local government.

To conclude

We can undoubtedly say that the BMC bike has a bright future ahead of it. The brand has great values that it is important to put forward. That’s why, no doubt, by choosing a bike of the brand, whether it is classic or electric, you are not mistaken.

Thus, you can count on a means of locomotion with countless qualities. Indeed, they are robust, designed, thought for an optimal use and perfectly adapted to each practice.

Finally, if you have any doubts or unanswered questions, do not hesitate to contact experts in the field. They will be happy to answer your questions.

To make the right purchase, the OnMyBike team posts daily articles online about electric and classic bikes