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KTM ebike : A great name in cycling !

Is it time for you to take the plunge and buy an electric bike ? But you don’t know which one to choose ? In this article you will discover a brand well established in the field of cycling. For this, we will go through the different ranges of the KTM ebike.

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Presentation of the KTM brand

The history of KTM Bike Industries began in 1964. It began with the production of its very first bikes. The marketing began that same year in the United States with the Fleetwing. Very quickly, the brand started to produce road bikes to meet the needs of sporty and technically demanding cyclists.

It is in 1994, that KTM makes a turn to 180 degree. Indeed, it distinguishes itself from the others by proposing a bike made with an aluminum frame and to complete the whole, it is electric!

In 2006, the group innovates again by proposing means of locomotion with frames entirely made of carbon. For the first time in the history of KTM, teams will even take part in the Tour de France.

The different ranges of electric bikes at KTM

In order for you to see things more clearly, it seems appropriate to present the different ranges offered by the Austrian brand. And let us warn you right away, there is plenty to choose from. The group has really done everything to ensure that each user finds the right e bike KTM.

Fully suspended mountain bike

Let’s start with the fully suspended electric mountain bikes. You should know that even in the big ranges, the brand wanted to sequence the means of locomotion according to the practices of each one. Indeed, in this range, 4 main types of KTM e bike are available :

  • The Macina Powler
  • Macina Kapoho
  • The Macina Lycan
  • Macina Chacana

The Macina Powler are more dedicated to Enduro, All Mountain and Marathon use. Many elements implanted as the motor, the battery or the meter of the Bosch brand let us see the quality of the finished product. Its suspensions make it an ally for sure for your moving displacements.

The Macina Kapoho are less adapted to Enduro than their predecessors. Indeed, you can count on them for an All Mountain, Marathon and Tour use. In terms of integrated equipment and comfort in use we find a lot of elements already present on the Macina Powler.

Next, let’s move on to the Macina Lycan. These will be more useful during your Marathon and Tour rides. The All Mountain practice is possible but is done in a less comfortable and less pleasant way than with the 2 other models already presented.

Finally, the Macina Chacana are, compared to the Kapoho and Prowler models, rather oriented towards comfortable hiking. No All Mountain, but still the possibility to see beautiful landscapes thanks to long rides in narrow paths and trails.

Semi-rigid mountain bike

Let’s move on to the semi-rigid range of the KTM ebike. This last one is broken down as follows :

  • Team Macina
  • Macina Aera
  • The Macina Race
  • Macina Ride

Let’s start with the Macina Team. They are, as for the fully suspended electric mountain bikes of the brand, equipped with motor and battery of the brand Bosch. This once again highlights the quality of the Austrian brand’s products. These mountain bikes are designed for rides in the forest for example.

Let’s continue with the Macina Aera. Their low frames allow a better straddling of the means of locomotion. We still find the same Bosch technologies. Except that these are specially designed for bicycle riders. In other words, you will be able to use them for your daily trips easily.

Then, let’s talk about the Macina Race. They are ultra adapted to a practice in the forest. Whether it is regular or occasional is not a concern. Indeed, it will follow you and support you in all situations.

Let’s finish with the Macina Ride. These have a trapezoidal frame and are suitable for a calmer and more leisurely use than their predecessors. They are the most attractive KTM e bike in terms of price.

KTM ebike All-terrain / Hybrid

The All-terrain and Hybrid range includes only 2 sub-ranges of products, namely :

  • Macina Cross
  • Macina Sprint

The Macina Crosses are very versatile means of transportation. They can be used for long hikes or for more leisurely walks along a canal path. Or you can also take them for a ride on forest trails. As you can see, these are real Swiss Army knives.

The Macina Sprint is, as its name indicates, built for speed! The ultra-light materials and the implanted motor elements allow it to concentrate on one thing : speed. Ultra efficient, it is not for all that unusable in urban or rural environments. On the contrary, it adapts perfectly to them!

Road and Trekking

Let’s see now the range of electric road and trekking bikes of the KTM brand. This group is divided into 4 main categories :

  • The Macina Style
  • Macina Sport
  • The Macina Tour
  • Macina Fun

The first category, Macina Style, is perfectly adapted to several practices. So, whether you want to ride your bike for a bit of sport or for a daily use to go to work or to do your shopping, you will surely find your happiness in this range.

As for the Macina Sport, they are a little more advanced in terms of looks and sporty performance. This does not mean that the manufacturer has neglected comfort and aesthetics.

The Macina Tour is a e bike KTM totally adapted to a daily use. They are equipped with accessories facilitating the transport: luggage rack, light, stand or mudguard. The panoply of the electric city bike par excellence, because they offer a little more comfort of driving.

ZEG : The range of the KTM ebike brand

The ZEG range of the Austrian brand is divided into 2 main groups :

  • Zeg Cento
  • Zeg Power

These two types of electric bikes look like city bikes. Indeed, they have a low frame making it easier to straddle. They are all equipped with kickstands, mudguards, front lights and a rear luggage rack.

In the city

Then, let’s discover the city range of the e bike KTM group. The latter is composed of 4 categories of electric bikes :

  • The Macina City
  • Macina Gran
  • The Macina Fold
  • Macina Central

The only difference between them is the aesthetics of the product but also the equipment they carry. They are all ideal for use in the city, to avoid the daily traffic jams and the hazards of the city center life. However, the Macina Fold has a small particularity. Indeed, it offers the possibility of folding. So, with this foldable electric bike, no loss of space, especially if you have a small house. You will be able to take it easily in the public transport without it encumbering you too much.

KTM electric road bike

There is only one electric road bike offered by the KTM e bike brand. It is the Macina Mezzo. The bike has a sporty look typical of classic road bikes. If you want to ride “old school”, without electric assistance, you can simply remove the power system.

Youth / Children

And because no one should be neglected, the group decided to create a special range for children. It is called Macina Mini me. One would think that some options or materials have been left aside for a range like this. But no, on the contrary! The little ones also have the right to ride with quality material! And this is exactly what the brand wanted to show with these electric bikes for children. Again and again, quality materials and top of the range equipment.

How to choose your KTM ebike ?

If you want to buy an e bike KTM from the Austrian brand, but you don’t know which one to choose yet, here’s what we recommend. First of all, you have to determine your needs in terms of mobility. Indeed, are you looking for a means of transportation for your daily trips in town or do you want a bike for your long rides ? You will also have to take into account the performances, the autonomy of the battery as well as the power of the electric motor. Finally, you will have to determine if you want a sporty or straight seat.

To conclude

Whatever your riding style, whether it’s regular or occasional, sporty or relaxing, there’s sure to be a KTM ebike that will meet your expectations. Don’t hesitate to compare the products and if you are still hesitating, go to the store to appreciate the quality of the product in person.