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Fischer e bike, a high quality brand !

Today, mobility needs have changed. Indeed, if most of you used your cars a few years ago, now you are all looking for mobility solutions that are less expensive, faster and especially more ecological. When you are part of such a dynamic, the electric bike is the solution par excellence. We suggest you to discover the Fischer e bike brand.

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Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Fischer electric bikes.

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What is an electric bicycle ?

Contrary to appearances, the electric bike is not a scooter or a motorcycle. This means of locomotion has the shape of a classic bicycle. In fact, it is a classic bicycle to which an electric motor has been added. The objective of the electric bike is to revolutionize the urban and suburban transport modes. Indeed, thanks to these machines, you will be able to move over medium distances without making great efforts. Very few people know it, but the first electrically assisted bicycles date back to the 1930s. However, it took a little over 70 years for them to be democratized.

As for their operation, you should know that electric bikes have a motor that is powered by a battery. Note that the motor is usually located at the pedals. This is to limit your efforts during the pedaling phase. As you can imagine, the electric bike is much more practical than the classic bike. Moreover, you can use it as a means of transportation if you live in the city for example. In addition to avoiding rush hour traffic, you will reduce your carbon footprint.


The best electric bike on the market

Our team of experts has selected just for you the best electrically assisted bicycles on the market of green mobility. Discover the direct competitors of the Fischer e bike brand.


History of the Fischer e bike brand

Created in Germany in 1949 by Alfred Fischer, the e bike Fischer brand was one of the first to offer quality bicycles that were assembled in hypermarkets. However, the story will not last very long, because the production was soon stopped. But in 2010, the company Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH decided to buy back the rights. Under the umbrella of the MTS Group, the structure is fully dedicated to electric bicycles, including the relaunch of the Fischer bicycle production.

Offering bicycles with very satisfying style and performance, the Fischer e bike brand will receive numerous awards for the quality of its electric bikes. Note that you can always find the most emblematic models of the brand. You can find them in your local supermarket, in many DIY stores or online.


What are the different categories of Fischer e bike ?

In order to satisfy all users, the e bike Fischer brand has developed several categories of bikes.

CITA : The Fischer e bike of city

If you live in the city, you are probably attracted to electric bikes. It’s the next best thing. Whether you want to get to work, run errands or meet your friends, Fischer city bikes have something for you. Thanks to their riding position that keeps your back straight, you’ll have a better overview. Especially when traffic is heavy. Finally, the frame is positioned low enough to be practical for women and older cyclists.

Another special feature of Fischer city bikes is that they are equipped with a suspended fork and seatpost, which will make you feel like you are on a magic carpet. Note that these Fischer e bike also have safety features. Such as the LED front light, a basket or various hooks. For those times when you need to carry your groceries.


TERRA & VIATOR: Fischer electric touring bikes

With this category of electrically assisted bicycles, Fischer offers you the opportunity to ride your bike over difficult terrain without running out of breath. Thanks to compact drives, your bike will have the necessary power to keep you moving. TERRA & VIATOR models are available for both men and women. You can also find them with different frame sizes.

Fischer e bike that are made for touring are equipped with a mudguard, a lighting system and a derailleur. This is to increase your riding pleasure. Note that the premium models will have hydraulic disc brakes, a small screen with Bluetooth technology and a USB port.

MONTIS : The Fischer all terrain electric bike

As one of the most trendy models of the moment, the Fischer electric mountain bikes have everything to please. But if you opt for a Fischer model, you’ll be able to climb mountains and hills. Thanks to the sporty motor, you can reach the top without being completely exhausted. With their very wide tires and their special suspensions, bikes in this category are simply perfect for riding on forest trails, for example.

If Fischer electric mountain bikes are the best when you want to go off-road, it is important to know that you can also use them in town. However, for added safety, it would be best if you had a lighting kit mounted on your bike.

Why are Fischer e bike interesting ?

As you can imagine, Fischer is not the only brand in the field of electric bikes. Therefore, it is important to ask the question, what are the arguments that the structure puts forward to continue to be part of the market leaders?

A shared passion

First of all, it is important to know that at Fischer, cycling is a pleasure that all employees share. This feeling of happiness that animates them once on these machines is the basis of their motivation. Indeed, the company’s objective is to leave the beaten track in order to rethink the bicycle. This has allowed them to develop a range of bikes that have been optimized as well as truly exclusive models.

A measured price

Note that the price is also part of the elements that will tip the balance in their favor, because the e bike Fischer brand makes it a point of honor that despite the quality of the bikes it sells, they are sold at reduced prices. To do this, it relies on the use of quality parts. As a result, the results obtained during tests are simply amazing. Fischer’s new electric bike collection features optimized stems and handlebar units, which give the bikes greater stability.

Technologies at your service

One last important point to consider is that when you have one of these great machines, you can use the FISCHER e-Connect app to ride the different bike paths in Europe for free. You’ll also get to see a lot of information about your bike, including how far you can travel based on topographical conditions, your riding style, or the state of charge of the battery.

What are the advantages of the Fischer e bike brand ?

Opting for a e bike Fischer means choosing a quality machine that is regularly recommended by both riders and professionals. Here are the major advantages you benefit from when you choose to acquire one of their bicycles:

Equipment that is of impeccable quality: The Fischer brand has been in the bicycle manufacturing business for over 70 years, which has allowed it to develop a know-how that is unlike any other
A bike with an excellent quality/price ratio: In addition to being articles that are reliable and resistant, you should know that all the models of the brand are sold at very low prices
Excellent results in numerous tests: Today, in order to know if the products comply with the safety rules and standards in force, they are tested by the manufacturer, but also by independent laboratories. In both cases, the results achieved by Fischer e bike is among the best
A driving comfort that is high: In order to feel like on a magic carpet, the Fischer brand has developed chassis and several components whose shapes and geometry are such that you can enjoy a really relaxed driving
Great autonomy: Thanks to their battery, the brand’s bicycles have an excellent autonomy. On average, you can travel nearly 160 km on a single charge
A truly comprehensive range of bicycles: Now, the Fischer brand has a collection of very practical bicycles. Note that these means of locomotion are sold at very low prices

One of the last advantages of Fischer e bikes is that when you order your e-bike, it will be delivered to you personally. Your bike will also be ready to ride. In fact, you won’t have to do any final assembly, because your machine will have been adjusted by qualified specialists before delivery.


What are the different models of electric bikes that exist ?

In case you want to move in a more ecological way, you can be sure that the electric bike will suit you. Moreover, it will offer you a better comfort than the classic models. However, before choosing a particular model, it is important to know what types of E-Bikes are available on the market. Indeed, not all electric bikes are made for the city. There are some that you can buy to ride on the roughest roads.

The electric city bike

This model has many other names. Some also call it a Dutch bike or an upright bike. It is very easy to ride and offers a very comfortable seat. Note that the handlebar position is elevated, which will allow you to have a straight back. In case you are looking for the ideal electric bike to do your daily errands, this model will be just perfect.


The electric cross-country bike

The electric road bike is different from the mountain bike. However, it is more versatile than the city model. It has a very ergonomic seat and a sporty design. It is advisable to buy an electric mountain bike when you like to ride outdoors. Some electric mountain bike owners say their bikes are just as comfortable in the city as on rough roads.

The electric mountain bike

As the name suggests, this type of bike is suitable for all terrains. So you can use it in any circumstance. In case you are a fairly athletic person, this bike will fit you perfectly. Its riding position is not as upright as a city bike. But you should still have a lot of fun riding it. Note that the presence of the engine will be a significant asset, especially if you find yourself on very rough trails. It is important to know that different brands of bikes are available. However, among the best, you have Fischer which manufactures high quality equipment.


What guarantees do you have with the Fischer brand ?

Today, most bicycle manufacturers offer a warranty to their customers. This is also the case with Fischer, the only difference being that they add many elements to it. Indeed, you will be entitled to a 30-year warranty on the frame. But also 2 years on the parts of the bike except the wearing parts.

On the other hand, parts such as the bicycle chain, the braking system or the tires will not be covered by the warranty. Because when an electric bicycle is used, defects may appear. You will notice some things. If you do not perform regular maintenance on your E-bike or if you fall off. Or if parts are damaged, they will not be covered by the warranty. In order to help you know if you are covered by the warranty or not, the company has set up a hotline. They will answer all your questions.


The e bike Fischer for your company and your employees

When you are a company and you are concerned about the impact you have on the environment, Fischer offers you some very interesting deals. And that’s with the aim of equipping you with e-bikes. This will allow you to improve your mobility on site. Note that thanks to this service, you will be able to position yourself as a structure that wants to protect nature, but also increase the well-being of its employees.

The e-bike offers for companies and employees will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Savings on transportation costs: E-bikes are the alternative of choice for short distances. With these bikes, you can save time and fuel
Better health: With e-bikes, you and your employees will have the opportunity to be physically active. This is good for your body.

Apart from these two aspects, your structure will send a strong message to its competitors. Because you will be part of a dynamic of innovation.

What are the aids to which you are entitled for the purchase of an e bike Fischer ?

If means of transportation such as cars and motorcycles produce very large quantities of greenhouse gases, this is not the case for bicycles. And even less so for electrically assisted models. For this reason, the State and many local authorities have set up aid programs. These programs aim to help anyone who wishes to acquire an electric bicycle. As far as state aid is concerned, you have two kinds, namely:

The conversion bonus. It already exists for hybrid and electric cars, but now applies to electrically assisted bicycles
Various bonuses, the amount of which is generally limited to 200 euros

In addition to these aids, the local authorities also wanted to contribute to the building. However, it is important to know that the amount of the aid as well as the conditions of eligibility will vary according to the city in which you are located. Today, this system is operational in cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes.



The Fischer e bike is a must in the field of cycling. Whether you are looking for a model to face the daily life and the city, or to make excursions in the mountains. Then you will be sure to find the model that suits you in this specialized brand. Need accessories or additional equipment? Don’t worry, you’ll find that many items are available from this brand.

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