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Lapierre Ebike

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The Lapierre e bike is recognized in the cycling world as a reference. True means of urban transportation and more. Lapierre electric bikes are great options to change your commuting habits or practice a sport related to cycling. Existing for more than 70 years, the brand never stops innovating. Thanks to its experience and passion in the field of bicycles. Discover in this article all there is to know about Lapierre bikes.

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Lapierre : 75 years of passion for cycling

The Lapierre electric bicycle brand has been around for over 70 years and has more than 3 generations of experience, design and innovation. Its history, from its creation to the present day, is marked by important dates that have made Lapierre electric bicycles references in the field of cycling.

From 1946 to 1972

Created after the cold war in 1946 in Dijon (Burgundy – France) by Gaston Lapierre, the electric bicycle brand quickly experienced sustained growth. In fact, to meet the high demand that was growing exponentially, the company built a new factory in 1972 in Dijon Sud.

A building open to the public was also reserved for the sale of spare parts and the display of bicycles manufactured by the brand. This period was also marked within the company by a change in management in 1960. It was Jacky Lapierre, son of Gaston Lapierre, who was in charge of the company’s management.

The brand continues to grow to the point of becoming a reference in the cycling industry. Especially among specialists in the following years.

From 1980 to 1996

During this era, in the mid-1980s, the Lapierre bikes brand was one of the few French manufacturers to anticipate what would become a true phenomenon, mountain bikes. It positioned itself as a pioneer and became the leader in this market. In 1988, the bike manufacturer entered the competition for mountain bike titles and won almost all of them.

In January 1993, it joined forces with the Accell Goup group (Netherlands), which took a 33% stake and then all of its shares in 1996. At this time, Gilles Lapierre, son of Jacky Lapierre, took over the management of the company as CEO. Since then, the company’s growth has not stopped and has even reached unprecedented records.

From 2000 to the present day

With its supremacy in the mountain bike market, the French brand embarked on the adventure of the Lapierre electric road bike and not electric either. At the end of the 90’s, it signed a partnership agreement with an amateur club in Dijon that climbed the ranks and reached the highest division. In 2000, Lapierre bikes became the French Amateur ELITE Champion for the first time in their history.

In 2001, the brand launched its now famous X-Control mountain bike, equipped with the FPS anti-pumping suspension system and won the French Championships. Lapierre continues to innovate technologically with each passing season and continues to win more and more championships in France and elsewhere.

In 2012, Lapierre developed the first electronically controlled shock absorber and launched the Overvolt concept with 2 electrically assisted mountain bikes in 2013.

But it was 2015 that marked a turning point in the company’s strategy. Anticipating the advent of the electrically assisted bicycle, the bike manufacturer expanded its Overvolt range with even more efficient electric bikes adapted to each practice.

Since then, it has focused its efforts on the customer, through the quality of its products and the quality of its service. Nevertheless, innovations continue to emerge, making cycling possible for everyone. Lapierre bikes offers a complete range. Racing bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, electrically assisted bikes, children’s bikes, etc.

The quality will be there thanks to a Bosch Active Line engine present on all the models of this category. In addition, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are a guarantee of safety. These will ensure strong and reliable braking.

The Lapierre e bike

In general, the electric bicycle is revolutionizing the practice of cycling in all its forms, on all roads, whether on asphalt or in the city. Lapierre e bike are no exception to the rule. They are innovative for leisure and competition, regardless of the terrain (road, mountain, city, etc.). Many of the brand’s electric bike models are suitable for both men and women because they are unisex.

Nevertheless, the brand has also specially designed bikes with an adapted frame to facilitate straddling. Lapierre electric bikes come in several categories.

Lapierre electric mountain bike

Let’s go together to discover a range of electric bike specially designed for off-road use.

Category Sport

This category has been developed specifically for users who want to discover the pleasures of hardtrail riding. All Lapierre electric mountain bikes in this category are equipped with a 120mm suspension for perfectly controlled traction and shock absorption.

These are great companions for beginners in this practice. You will find these means of locomotion thanks to their particular name Overvolt HT. In terms of price, if you wish to acquire one of these electric bikes, you will have to count between 2 499€ and 2 899€.

All models are available in several sizes. So, no bad surprises, if you like one of these products and it fits your needs, you are sure to find one in your size.

In addition, they all have a Yamaha motor and batteries with capacities ranging from 410 Wh to 500 Wh. The entire range of Lapierre sport electric bikes is equipped with 180 mm Shimano disc brakes and 27.5 inch Schwalbe Smart Sam K-Guard tires.

Category Trail

Thanks to Lapierre’s electric trail bikes, you can enjoy the hilly trails while keeping an optimal comfort. Discover new horizons and nature right around your home. You will recognize them by their specific name Overvolt TR (for Trail).

All models are equipped with a box directly on the handlebars. This will allow you to consult all the data related to your driving. You will know exactly how fast you are going, how many kilometers you have ridden, the assistance mode you have chosen or the remaining autonomy of your battery.

You can count on Yamaha or Bosch Performance CX 4th generation engines. In either case, the performance will be there. Battery capacity will vary depending on the model.

Indeed, some will have a 500 Wh battery and others 625 Wh. All of them will ensure powerful and progressive braking thanks to Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Maxxis or Schwalbe Smart Sam K-Guard tires will ensure comfort and maneuverability.

Electric bike all mountain

Three big names stand out in this category of Lapierre electric All Mountain bikes: eZesty AM, Overvolt AM and Overvolt GLP. Your rides will take on a whole new dimension and rough trails will no longer hold any secrets for you. This specific range is adapted to all cyclists, whether they are beginners or more experienced.

In order to acquire these particular means of locomotion, the future user of a Lapierre electric mountain bike will have to spend between 3 699€ and 7 999€. The capacity of the batteries installed varies enormously. They range from 250 Wh to 500 Wh to 625 Wh. All models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, some from Sram and others from Shimano.

A fork ranging from 150 mm to 170 mm and shock absorbers allow to limit and absorb the shocks linked to the practice. This way, you can fully enjoy your ride without the discomfort of the terrain.

The carbon frame used for each model optimizes the weight of the Lapierre all-terrain bike. Indeed, the lightest model weighs only 18.6 kg while the heaviest weighs 24.2 kg.

Enduro electric mountain bike

These mountain bikes are listed under the name Overvolt GLP2. In creating these products, the brand focuses on the behavior of the Lapierre electric mountain bike. In order to enjoy these extraordinary electrically assisted mountain bikes, you will have to spend between 5,999€ and 8,499€. It is a real investment, but the features will not leave you indifferent.

All the frames of these bikes are made of carbon. This allows to gain in robustness but also in lightness. Indeed, the weight does not exceed 22 kg. This is all the more appreciable because during practice, it makes your Lapierre electric mountain bike more manageable.

In terms of on-board equipment, you can count on the flawless assistance of a motor and a battery, both from Bosch. This is a real guarantee of quality. To ensure your safety, you can count on Shimano disc brakes. They ensure a powerful and progressive braking.

Electrically assisted road bike

Lapierre’s electric road bikes allow you to reinvent your relationship with the road. They allow you to take on the biggest mountain passes and extend your rides as you wish. The range has models designed especially for women.

Trekking bike

You will recognize these models thanks to their names: Overvolt Explorer and Trekking. To acquire these means of locomotion, you will have to count between 2 499€ and 2 799€. All models are available in several sizes.

This way, you are sure to find the right bike in the right size. In terms of performance, you can count on a Bosch Performance Line motor and Shimano disc brakes.

Moreover, additional equipment will be appreciated by users. Indeed, in order to avoid water or mud splashes, the cyclist will appreciate the mudguards installed on this means of locomotion.

For his comfort, he will also appreciate a luggage rack, a kickstand, a royal saddle, a bell and a lighting. A screen located on the handlebars will allow you to consult all the information related to driving (kilometers covered, speed in real time, assistance mode).

City Lapierre bikes

Lapierre’s urban electric bikes are fully equipped to help you tackle the city. Specially designed for the user’s comfort, they are particularly adapted to help you avoid morning traffic jams. Lapierre electric bikes are versatile and enjoyable on any road.

These are complete products that will ensure you an optimal comfort. Indeed, you will be able to count on a display allowing you to consult all the information relating to your driving. The user will also benefit from front and rear mudguards, a kickstand, a luggage rack, a chain cover, front and rear lighting and a Royal saddle.

Electric bike for children

With this range, the Lapierre e bike brand shows once again that it is in line with the dynamics of cycling for all. With Lapierre’s children’s electric bikes, you can be sure to introduce your children to cycling in a safe way. They are available in several colors and are suitable for children of pedaling age as well as for teenagers who love cycling.

As you may have noticed, each of the brand’s product lines responds to a specific need in terms of activities while taking into account various age groups as well as the gender of the users. One of the reasons for this is that the Lapierre e bike brand has a philosophy all its own.

Lapierre electric bike : good quality ?

Well yes, without a doubt, Lapierre e bike are even of very good quality. With these bikes, you will even benefit from top-of-the-line products. The materials and the integrated equipment are reliable and will ensure you a unique experience.

These means of locomotion are aimed at beginners as well as the more experienced. Nevertheless, the price of these means of locomotion remains consequent for some of the models proposed by the brand.

If you do not wish to invest such sums of money and you are not looking for a high-end means of locomotion, we can propose you to discover electric bikes with a very good quality/price ratio.

If you have fallen in love with the brand or the products it offers and the price is a considerable obstacle, we invite you to read the following section on grants and subsidies for the purchase of a Lapierre e bike.

Financial aid: how and for whom ?

In some European countries such as France, there are financial aids for the purchase of an electric bicycle. There are 3 main subsidies: the State, the region and finally the municipality.

Let’s start with the State’s. This one will not be able to exceed 20% of the premium of purchase TTC of the desired electric bike, or up to 200€ maximum. It can be combined with the aid set up in some regions.

However, you must know that what is valid for one region is not necessarily valid for another. Find out properly because this can vary from simple to double depending on your geographical location.

Finally, municipal aid is not systematic. They are not cumulative with the 2 other premiums in place. You will therefore have to be very careful and check that what you will receive from your commune is worth not applying to the state and your region.

To find out if you can benefit from these various aids, we invite you to inquire with your local authorities.

Philosophy of the Lapierre electric bicycle brand

Looking at its history, it is clear that for more than 60 years, Lapierre bikes has combined technological innovation, aesthetics, attention to detail and experience in the most important races to offer all aficionados the most beautiful and best performing bikes.

Bikes put to the test

The quality of our high-end frames is certified every day by the greatest cycling professionals. Indeed, the riders of the Groupama – FDJ team, the Lapierre Gravity Republic team, and ambassadors such as Nicolas Vouilloz, a multiple world champion cyclist, use Lapierre e bike.

A proactive research and development department

A solid team of engineers and cycling enthusiasts is fully dedicated to finding innovative solutions to cover all the needs and types of use of Lapierre bikes. The company’s engineers are also actively involved in testing, in close collaboration with all teams and athletes.

Reducing the weight of bikes is also one of the main concerns at the heart of the brand’s research. All of this is done with the aim of optimizing each bike range to continue to make the manufacturer the leader in the lightest bikes on the market.

A fully manual assembly process

Lapierre’s top-of-the-line electric bikes are assembled in Dijon by individual assemblers who sign a specific form for each product. This method offers the advantage of optimal quality control at all times during the assembly process.

This is a procedure that has been used in the assembly line of the industry’s flagships and has proven itself for many years.


Remember that no matter what your cycling style is. You will find the Lapierre bikes of your dreams, and above all, it is made in France. So, whether you are a mountain biker, a mountain bike, a road bike or simply a city bike, there is a product from the French brand that suits you. It is not for nothing that it is the leader in the sale of performance mountain bikes on the French market.

In addition, the brand is very successful in many export markets, making it a reference. You will be able to count on top-of-the-range products, with innumerable qualities. The different equipments and accessories will allow you to fully enjoy your ride, always giving you incredible sensations.

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