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Granville Ebike

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In order to guide you in the choice of a Granville e bike we decided to compare each of the Granville bikes. Thanks to this comparison you will be able to make the right choice before buying. Through this article you will discover thanks to our technical analysis the Granville electric bikes and our opinion on each of them.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Granville electric bikes.

Granville e bike : our opinion

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. If your goal is to make your own opinion on the electric bikes of the Granville brand, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will go through the numerous references sold by the firm. We will give you all our advice and tips so that you can make the best choice.

Choosing an electric bike is not an easy task when you are not technical. That’s why we will try to be as clear and simplistic as possible through this global guide.

In view of all the references that the Granville group offers, this may seem like a lot and even a headache. But it’s not! Take the time to follow this guide and you will be sure to make the best choice.

Which Granville e bike to choose ?

The ultimate question that most of you ask when you come to our site. And we will try to answer it in this chapter. We have decided to summarize our analysis in this part and not after the complete technical analysis. This is to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

You can of course read the rest of this article to understand our selection of the best Granville e bike adapted to your needs.

First of all, there is no such thing as a bad electric bike at Granville! Your choice, whatever it is, will be an excellent choice. Indeed, the quality of design and manufacturing is such that these Granville bikes will fully meet your expectations.

The E-Smooth bike

The Granville E-Smooth electric bicycle is a stylish and comfortable way to get around. It is available in several sizes and several colors. With this E-bike, the comfort of the user will be really in the center of the concerns.

Indeed, it has a saddle, handlebars and Granville Grand Confort handles. A whole set of equipment and accessories will make the bike even more pleasant to use.

We can quote in particular aluminum mudguards, a luggage rack. You could moreover consult all the information relating to your driving since a small box directly implanted on the handlebar.

Thus, the level of battery, the number of kilometers, the speed in real time or the level of assistance chosen, will be consultable since this same screen of consultation.

The user will be able to count on a Promovec engine developing a torque of 70 Nm and a battery of 400 Wh. But also, on a lighting system to better see the road and obstacles but also to be better visible by other road users.

For your safety, the group has implemented Shimano disc brakes. These ensure powerful and progressive braking. In terms of price, you will have to spend about 2 300€.

Granville e bike E-Urban

The category of Granville e bike E-Urban was elaborated for a polyvalent practice. Indeed, whether you wish to move in town or in the countryside, these means of locomotion will follow you everywhere. Their Bosch engines will be present in all circumstances.

In terms of price, the future consumer will have to count between 2 300€ and 2 900€. These amounts may seem high. However, bonuses have been put in place to facilitate the acquisition of these green energy vehicles. In this range, you will find the E-Urban 10, the E-Urban 20 Nexus, the E-Urban 30 Plus and the E-Urban 30.

As mentioned earlier, all models are equipped with Bosch engines. But these are not the only common points. Indeed, they all have a control box directly located on the handlebars. But also a saddle, a handlebar and Granville Grand Confort grips.

They also have front and rear lighting, a luggage rack, a bell and aluminum fenders. The real difference will be in the engine torque. From 40 to 65 Nm. And the battery power, from 400 Wh to 500 Wh.

The electric bike E-Premium

The electric bike E-Summerside is part of the E-Premium category. This Granville e bike is once again designed to face the daily life and the displacements in town and in the countryside. With a retro design, it will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Its low frame facilitates its straddling. This makes it easier for the user to get on and off this means of locomotion. This model is available in 3 different sizes: S, M and L.

Moreover, 2 colors are available: burgundy and olive. As with all the models in the Granville range, the user will be able to take advantage of a Granville Grand Confort saddle, handlebars and grips, as well as aluminum mudguards.

The motor of this means of locomotion is a Bosch Active Plus developing a torque of 50 Nm. The 400 Wh battery is located at the level of the luggage rack so as not to disturb the user during the practice. To acquire this bike, you will have to count approximately 2 700€.

Granville E-Excellence electric bikes

Here again we find electric bikes with low frames, to improve the comfort of the user when straddling. This category is composed of 4 models: E-Excellence 10, E-Excellence 20, E-Excellence 30 and E-Integrated 20.

They are all equipped with an integrated Bosch Powertube battery system. The only difference between the integrated batteries in each model is the power, from 400 Wh to 500 Wh.

Depending on the model you choose, you will have a Bosch Performance, Bosch Active or Bosch Active Plus motor. They respectively develop a torque of 65 Nm, 40 Nm and 50 Nm. You will be able to consult all the information relative to your driving from a small box implanted directly on the handlebar of the Granville electric bike.

Thus, you will know the number of kilometers traveled, your speed in real time, the level of the battery but also the chosen mode of assistance. As for the amount to invest to acquire this type of means of locomotion, you will have to spend between 2 600€ and 3 300€.

The one we have selected !

Our technical team has selected the E-Smooth range and more particularly the E-Smooth 50. A good choice for future buyers, this is the cheapest of the range and the brand.

The Granville E-Smooth 50 electric bike is in our opinion the best compromise for any cyclist who needs a versatile bike for everyday use. This bike offers and features a 250W Promovec brushless motor. So far, it’s nothing special since most of the competitors equip their bikes with motors of the same power.

No, it’s the torque delivered by this motor that makes the E-Smooth 50 the best of the lot! A torque of 70Nm is a very appreciable characteristic for a bike at this price. For more details on the Granville e bike selected by our team, please take the time to read the rest of this article.

Aid for the purchase of a Granville e bike

As we explained earlier, aids have been put in place to relieve the consumer in this particular purchase.

What are they?

There are several of them. Some of them are even cumulative. That’s why today, it is important to know them and to know how to make the steps and where to ask for help. For a few years now, the French government has been paying bonuses to help the population to switch to green energy and more particularly to electric cars.

Since recently, aids are also issued to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle. This aid amounts to a maximum of 200 euros and can not exceed 20% of the price TTC of your means of locomotion.

You may also be eligible for assistance from your region. Some regions subsidize the purchase of a bike of this type. However, the amounts can vary greatly from one region to another. Thus, you could receive between 150€ and 600€ depending on your region. You will note however that the amount of this subsidy cannot exceed 50% of the purchase price of the electric bicycle.

Finally, there is also municipal aid. If we take the example of the city of Paris, different aids exist depending on your situation. If you buy a cargo bike, the city can pay you up to 600€ and 400€ for a classic electric bike.

Conditions of access

In order to be eligible for the various premiums, you must meet a certain number of criteria. Indeed, you must be of age and reside in France. Your reference tax income per unit must be less than or equal to €13,489 the year before you purchase the bike. You cannot have already benefited from an aid with the same purpose granted by a local authority.

Conditions must also be met regarding the means of locomotion. Indeed, it will have to be new and not use a lead battery. It must meet the definition of a pedal-assisted cycle as defined in the Highway Code. Finally, it cannot be sold within one year of its acquisition.

Comparison and analysis of 2 Granville e bike

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. In this next part we will move on to a more technical analysis. This one will allow us to present you each reference and to draw up a personalized opinion.

To do this, we will examine the 12 references mentioned earlier. Let’s start without further ado our technical comparison. Once again, in order not to lose anyone along the way, we will keep it simple and efficient.

Granville E-Terra 1000W

We told you previously that this Granville bikes are part of the E-Sport range. It is the only reference at the time of writing this article. By E-Sport, Granville is not trying to make a bike for sportsmen.

Far from it their idea. E-Sport is the top of the line of the brand. These bikes offer features far superior to the rest of the catalog.

Disconcerting autonomy

The E-Terra 1000W is simply an urban bike, but not just any bike! Indeed, as its name indicates, it is equipped with a super-vitamin battery that delivers a total power of 1000Wh! In fact, to get to this point, it is not one but two Bosch batteries of 36V and 13,4Ah that come to equip this bike.

Installed perfectly under the rear rack and the other one in the frame they allow the bike to double the power which traditionally equips the batteries of the high-end bikes.

These batteries can indeed propel the electric bike over a distance of 120 kilometers depending on the conditions of use. This is a far cry from the average 50 kilometers offered by the competition.

A quality motorization

Its motor, from Bosch Performance, is integrated directly into the crankset. It provides no less than 250W and 70Nm of torque. This motorization makes it possible to circulate with the legal limit of 25km/h easily and without difficulty.

The 4 levels of assistance are also for something since they are adapted as well to the urban as rural routes. The latter will of course be accessible and controllable from the central Bosch Intuvia display integrated into the handlebars.

Top of the line equipment

A complete equipment for a high end bike. This is what we can remember about electric bike. Equipped with a fork mounted on a 50mm suspension. But also 28 inches Schwalbe Energizer 47 wheels. Or a Shimano 9 speed XT derailleur and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes too. The E-Terra 1000W is not left out.

But that’s not all! You will get your money’s worth when you buy this Granville bikes ! Its “open” type frame will allow you to take place easily on the saddle. This saddle is a “Royal Superfabric”, which will give you the necessary comfort whatever the riding conditions.

In addition to the traditional rear headlights and metal fenders, this electric bike is equipped with an integrated anti-theft device.

Size, weight and warranty

Regarding the size of the frame, it will be proposed in 3 different sizes. S, M and L. Its weight of 24,5kg is to be taken into account obviously but it remains in the standard of the electric bike of this range.

Concerning the guarantee, the frame will be guaranteed 5 years while the motor and its batteries 2 years. Here again, nothing negative, Granville is in line with the majority of competitors.

A great design

Now that we have seen the technical characteristics together it is important to finish this technical analysis of the E-Terra 1000W by its design that leaves nobody indifferent.

The E-Terra 1000W has a neat and elegant finish. It doesn’t take long to realize that we are looking at a high quality Granville bikes. This is the trademark of Granville. As you will see, each Granville bikes are composed of a superb design and a high quality finish.

Coming back to the finish of the E-Terra, we notice the careful integration of the two batteries. That is at the level of the luggage rack or in the frame, these last ones pass almost unnoticed. Note that this bike is sold in a single color: black.

Granville E-Integrated 20

Now it’s the turn of the E-integrated 20 to go through the mill. This bike is part of the E-integrated range. This time it’s the top of the line E-integrated. Indeed, 3 Granville bikes are part of this range and the next two references are part of it.

E-integrated bikes are urban bikes that have their batteries integrated into the frame. In this case the illusion is perfect and it is difficult to notice that it is an electric bike.

Still an autonomy above the lot

The Granville E-Integrated 20 also offers an autonomy worthy of the largest in the sector. Indeed its battery (only one this time) Bosch Powertube of 36V and 13,4Ah is 500Wh allows it to reach a range of 80 to 120 kilometers depending on the conditions of use. These data manufacturer remains amazing.

As we said earlier, the latter is integrated into the diagonal frame of the bike. So well integrated that this bike does not appear to be electrified at first glance.

State of the art motorization

You won’t be surprised to find out that this Granville bikes are once again equipped with equipment from the German manufacturer Bosch. The central motor of 250W is a Bosch Performance Line developing a 65Nm torque.

Very sufficient to satisfy the majority of cyclists on a daily basis. Once again, the motorization offers 4 levels of progressive and natural assistance.

Rich in equipment

Its equipment is not the least. First of all, this bike is equipped with a front suspension fork with a 65mm travel that drastically increases the riding comfort. Its 28 inch Schwalbe Road Cruiser Active tires give it not only stability but also a trendy look. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes complete the equipment as well as a 9 speed derailleur of the same brand.

But the equipment does not stop there. Its G-access comfort saddle improves the seat and other more traditional equipment such as front and rear lights, metal mudguards, bike pump, bell accompany the delivery of the bike. A little extra, an AXA anti-theft device is integrated into the frame.

Size, weight and warranty

Once again this Granville E-Integrated 20 electric bike is offered in 3 different sizes. The sizes S, M and L. Heavy though, yes the small drawback is its weight, the E-integrated 20 is heavy with a weight of 27.4kg.

Regarding the warranty, the frame will be guaranteed 5 years while the motor and batteries 2 years. Again, nothing negative, Granville is in line with the majority of competitors.

A great design

Like all of the brand’s electric bikes, the E-Integrated 20 has a top-notch design. Notably thanks to the perfect integration of the battery in the frame of the bike but also to the high finish and assembly of the equipment. It is also available in 4 colors, ivory, black, burgundy, and titanio matte.


The Granville e bike is essential allies for your daily commute and your escapades in the countryside. You will be able to count on reliable motors and batteries offering a good autonomy.

The accessories and equipment on board will not leave you indifferent. If however these means of locomotion are qualitative, they can appear expensive. Nevertheless, you should know that there are aids available.

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