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Flyer Ebike

With over 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry, the Flyer brand has become a true reference. Born from a passion for DIY, it quickly specialized in the manufacture of bicycles that are easy to use. Indeed, the brand’s objective is to promote functional solutions. Discover the Flyer e bike brand.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Flyer electric bikes.

The context

Alternative means of transportation are literally invading our cities and streets. Thus, it will be very easy to come across an electric scooter or an electrically assisted bicycle. Several reasons can explain this.

The government as well as the regions or communities have set up a subsidy system in order to allow households to have access to this type of road companion by reducing the costs related to their purchase.

Secondly, citizens are seeking to reduce the impact of their means of transportation on the environment. This is obviously done by reducing the use of fossil fuel vehicles in favor of green energy vehicles.

The best electric bike on the market

Our team of specialists has selected just for you the best alternative means of locomotion currently on the market. Get to know the direct competitors of the Flyer bikes.


Origin of the Flyer e bike brand

The Flyer bike brand was created in the early 1990s. It is different from others in its ambition to revolutionize the bicycle sector. To do so, it puts forward two important arguments: bikes of remarkable quality and the expertise and precision of the Swiss.

Offering bikes for the city as well as for the countryside or the mountains, Flyer combines technology with its bikes to make them avant-garde bicycles that you can use in all seasons.

In the beginning

The story begins with Phillipe Kohlbrenner. The handyman from a power engineering company in Oberburg decided to cycle to work every day. However, in order to get home, he had to climb 300 meters.

After a few months, Philippe, who is very good with his hands, installed a windshield wiper motor and a car battery on his bicycle in order to have extra power when he wanted to climb the hill. From there, the first electrically assisted bicycle was born in 1993. This one was called the Red Buffalo.

Since 1995

A few years later, in 1995 to be precise, the model called Flyer Classic was launched on the market. It was a pure concentrate of technology. It was inspired by the Red Buffalo prototype.

The tests of the machine were conclusive and the brand decided to market it in series. From then on, the Flyer Classic entered the market. This will be followed by many other models such as :

The Flyer F-Series is an electric bike with a sporty design and innovative technology
The Flyer L-Series with a lowered top tube for a more elegant and sporty look
The Flyer X-Series which has long been considered the sportiest and most comfortable of all the brand’s bikes
The Flyer I-SY and its geometric frame accompanied by balloon tires that make its ride pleasant and especially very comfortable
The Flyer S-Series, which was the brand’s all-terrain bike par excellence
The Flyer K-Series, as well as many other models

Whether you want to go off-road, go for a ride or go to work, you’ll have no trouble finding the right model for you. Each bike is top of the line and has a design that is stylish. Plus, your bike will be stable and you’ll have great features.


Which model to choose among the different Flyer e bike ?

Your choice of bike model will depend on how you plan to use it. For some people, cycling is a leisure activity that is also good for their health. But for others, cycling is above all a passion. In both cases, you need a machine that is robust, comfortable and efficient.

By choosing e bike Flyer, you can be sure that you will be satisfied. But which model to choose? Today, the brand’s models are diverse and varied. You probably don’t know it, but there are about 64 variants of Flyer e bike, divided into 4 ranges.

The comfort range

The comfort range includes the Flyer e bike for leisure and work use. Thanks to their narrow saddle, you can adopt a straight back riding position, which will improve your comfort.

The comfort range is composed of models C4, C5, C6, C8 and C9. Their 26-inch wheels will allow you to move around town, in suburban environments or on different types of roads.


The Flyer Trekking e bike range

The Trekking bikes offered by the Flyer brand are models designed for leisure activities, but also for riding on rough trails. With their very sporty saddle, Flyer mountain bikes have a more extended riding position.

Trekking models are perfect for tall people and those who often ride traditional bikes. Among them, you have the T4, T5, T6, T8 and T9 models. Note that you can also use them in the city, as the adjustment possibilities are varied.


The sport range

The range of sport bikes is composed of models made for sports use. However, you can also use them on a daily basis, especially to get to work. Thanks to their wide saddle, your comfort will be optimal. Note that the riding position on Flyer electric mountain bikes is very sporty.

These e-bikes are suitable for all roads, whether in the city or in a suburban landscape. Note that the size of your frame will be chosen according to the length of your inseam.


The exclusive F-Series Flyer e bike range

This category of bike is the best of Flyer. Indeed, the models from the F-series are true concentrates of technology. They are comparable to futuristic products. The design and functionality of F-Series bikes inspire many bike manufacturers.

This type of bike is recommended for your daily commute. Note that the Nicad technology with which the batteries are equipped will offer you power whenever you need it.

Very elegant, the F-series bikes are generally manufactured based on specific features that bike enthusiasts are looking for. This range is composed of the F2, F4, F6, F8 and F10 models.


Why choose a Flyer bike ?

The bicycle is now one of the most used means of transportation, whether in the city or in the country. Their small size allows them to circulate easily and especially to save you time.

But a few years ago, bicycle manufacturers decided to revolutionize the sector by proposing machines that were equipped with an electric motor, this was the birth of electrically assisted bikes.

Among these precursors was the Flyer brand. Doing its best to be at the forefront of technology, Flyer offers truly innovative solutions for mobility.

Producing only electric bikes, Flyer also has a sports range. And as the desire to always do better animates the teams of the brand, in 2020, the range of bikes evolves by proposing equipment always more complete and more powerful.

However, Flyer is not the only one to offer products of excellent quality. Indeed, in the field of electrically assisted bicycles, there are serious competitors to the company, including the brand Cube, which also provides you with high performance electric bikes.

What are the advantages of Flyer e bike ?

With a strong added value to use, Flyer bikes is equipment that offer you truly innovative performances. When you ride it, you will have no trouble feeling that you are on a robust and reliable bike, which has been designed by engineers with decades of experience.

Note that the comfort, safety and ease of use aspects have been worked on so that each user is fully satisfied with his e-bike.

High stability of the frame

When you are dealing with a quality electric bike or Flyer electric mountain bike, it must be designed to offer you a really stable frame. Indeed, the rigidity of the frame will depend on your safety and the longevity of your bike. For this reason, each e bike Flyer is tested in their test and inspection laboratory.

The bikes are then tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that the standards are met. You may not know it, but Flyer bikes are approved to support a total weight of between 150 and 180 kg.

A design and features that have everything to please

In order to meet the needs of both, each model of Flyer has a design that is quite specific. Indeed, the different Flyer electric mountain bikes have very clean lines that give them a very particular style. All equipped with numerous features, these e-bikes are practical and comfortable to use every day.

Note that the brand has won many awards for its innovative designs. Among them, you have the Design & Innovation Award for the Uproc6 model.

A behavior and a grip that seduce

Since you want to make your journeys with complete peace of mind, it is important that your Flyer e bike is really safe. In this case, by choosing one of the Flyer models, you will be more than satisfied.

In fact, to achieve such results, the engineers have tried many geometries and selected components that could perfectly interact between the mechanical and electrical parts. All this makes Flyer bikes safe and dynamic means of travel.

Comfort and ergonomics that are beyond reproach

Contrary to appearances, bicycles are machines on which you can enjoy a royal comfort. While conventional bicycles are quite rustic, this is not the case with Flyer’s e bike. Indeed, on these models, as soon as you sit down, you feel at ease.

This is mainly due to the step-through threshold offered by the brand’s comfort frames. These are sufficiently low and wide. Note that the fork suspensions as well as the height-adjustable cockpit ensure that, no matter your size, your Flyer bike will adapt to you.

What is the value of the Flyer e bike components ?

In order to design top of the line electrically assisted bicycles, Flyer uses the best processes and quality equipment.

Flyer Integrated Technlogy bicycle systems

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Flyer engineers now have the expertise to ensure that every bike has the right drive. To do this, the brand uses Panasonic motors. These are chosen according to the segment and model of the bike.

The existence of the Flyer e bike FIT system is a major advantage, as it allows all the essential components of the bike to be linked together to optimize its operation.

The engines

In order to offer driving sensations that are very pleasant to users, Flyer has developed a system that is driven by different Panasonic motors. Indeed, you have :

The Panasonic GX Ultimate which develops 95 Nm. It is powerful and very compact
The Panasonic GX Power Plus which develops 70 Nm. This motor is very quiet. It is often used on sports bikes
The Panasonic GX Power which develops 60 Nm. It is silent and harmonious

In addition to these different motors, the bikes of the Flyer brand are also equipped with rear motors. And to fulfill this task, it is the TDCM HCA5-F which develops 37 Nm that was chosen. Indeed, after many tests, it proved to be the most powerful and especially the most dynamic.


The batteries

To help you travel the longest distance possible, the batteries installed on Flyer bikes have a very high capacity. In fact, their autonomy is unequalled to this day, both in terms of distance and altitude difference. Today, when you want to order your Flyer e bike, you have the choice between 3 different battery capacities :

The Flyer SIB750 or SIB630: The 630 and 750 Wh Smart Integrated Batteries will provide the necessary energy to your electric bike, no matter how far you want to ride. Also note that the batteries can be easily disassembled and reassembled
The Flyer STB-750 or STB-630 battery: Seat Tube Batteries are very high capacity equipment. They are the best in terms of autonomy. Like the previous model, they are easy to disassemble. You should also know that you can charge them without taking them out of your bike
The BIB-810 battery: The Flyer Full Integrated Battery is the most powerful of all. It claims 810 Wh. During braking and deceleration phases, the motor recovers energy that it transmits to the battery, which will allow it to drive you wherever you want

With so many positive points, Flyer’s bikes appeal to many people. They are appreciated for their design as well as for the technologies they carry.


What guarantees do you have when you buy a Flyer e bike ?

In order to fully satisfy its customers, the Flyer brand has decided to provide them with new guarantees. Since 2021, all models have the following warranties :

The frame of your e-bike is guaranteed for 5 years
The electrical components are guaranteed for 2 years
The battery is guaranteed for 2 years or 500 charging cycles when charged according to the instructions

Please note that normal wear and tear of the frame as well as abnormal wear and tear of parts due to poor maintenance will not be covered by the warranty.

Get a flyer bike that is one of a kind

Today, the Flyer brand has established itself as one of the best e bike manufacturers in the world. Offering bikes that are capable of riding on any road and that incorporate cutting-edge technology. Flyer has made a name for itself among the best.

Even though the safety and ease of use of its bikes is one of its strong points, the brand is now committed to customizing your bike to your taste. Each customized model will then be optimized in order to benefit from an increased lifespan. Note that to design your bike, you can start on the basis of an existing model.


What assistance is available for the purchase of a Flyer bikes ?

Since the electric bicycle contributes greatly to the preservation of the environment, the State as well as the local authorities offer you different kinds of aid :

Bonuses and premiums from the State: The e bike Flyer bonus or another brand is part of those granted by the State to all people who would like to buy a electric bike. This bonus is fixed at 200 euros and cannot be higher than the amount you will receive from your local authority
The conversion premium: Since July 2021, the electric bike also benefit from a conversion premium. The amount of this aid is set at 40% of the purchase price of the bike, as long as it remains within the limit of 1500 euros

In addition to these two types of assistance, it is important to know that local authorities also provide various support programs for individuals who wish to purchase an electrically assisted bicycle. The amount of aid and the eligibility requirements may vary depending on the entity.



The Flyer e bike brand is a name you’re likely to hear about in the cycling world. Rich of its technologies and integrated elements in the proposed models, the brand knew how to make a place of choice.

The motors as well as the integrated batteries will give you complete satisfaction. These will allow you to fully enjoy your excursions even in case of difficulty.

To help you in your research, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes