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Decathlon Ebike

In order to guide you in the best choice of a ebike Decathlon we have realized this comparison of the products of the brand. The bicycle industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom and the electric bike industry is following the frenzy. In this article we will talk about traditional bikes but also electric bike Decathlon and of course our opinion.

Which ebike Decathlon to choose?

As a result of this comparison, you will be able to identify the brand’s bikes and for sure you will know which one to choose! Let’s discover right away the electric bikes sold by the French giant.

Electric bike Decathlon : Our opinion

For a few years now, the company has been able to diversify its commercial offer by proposing quality electrically assisted products. These electric bicycles, also called VAE, offer very high quality services for very reasonable prices.

Elops “E” – the ebike Decathlon for the city

The electric bicycle of city by Decathlon is called the Elops. The references going from the entry level Elops 120E to the top of the range Elops 940E are represented below.

This electric bike is neither more or less than a traditional Btwin Elops equipped with an additional electric assistance. In theory we could stop at that but in fact the technicality of this Decathlon bike goes much further

In fact, Decathlon has taken care of the details and equip this electric bike with quality materials. The motricity systems installed on each of these electric city bikes are remarkable both for their versatility and their technicality.

Our opinion : the Elops 940e is the most powerful of the range, it will be a perfect ally for the urban environment!

Riverside “E” – Decathlon e bike for the mountain

Riverside has taken over its range of traditional cross-country in order to convert them to electric power. For the time being, only two references are presented in the catalog, the Riverside 500e and the Riverside 920e.

Only two references but they meet the needs of most cyclists. The Riverside electric is a go-anywhere bike, ideal for daily rides and commutes. Once again, Decathlon has taken care of the materials. The quality of these two references is spot on.

Our ebike Decathlon cross-country review: the Riverside 920e is the top of the category, cheaper it is good to enjoy it as soon as possible!

Rockrider “E-ST” – Mountain electric bike Decathlon

Here is the turn of the electric mountain bikes. The Rockrider known for many years in the field of mountain biking at Decathlon has of course been declined like all the others in electric version. With its success, the brand has decided to release only a few versions of its best-seller.

The Rockrider E-ST is then declined in 4 different versions on the paper but strongly similar.

The ebike Decathlon Rockrider will satisfy many amateurs of rhythmic rides on rough trails and paths. It is a high quality cross-country bike from its entry level. The versatility of the installed motors and the endurance of the battery will accompany you for many hours.

Our opinion mountain bike Decathlon: the Rockrider e-st 500 is the mid-range mountain bike, no need to break the bank to enjoy the qualities Rockrider!

Tilt 500 “E” – Decathlon folding electric bike

Finally, Decathlon enriches its range by offering its folding electric bike in a motorized version. The Tilt 500e is then the perfect companion for many city dwellers who need an efficient but also space-saving means of transportation.

The company offers only one folding e bike decathlon in its catalog for this type of bike, as for the traditional version. However, the Tilt 500e meets all the necessary requirements for transportation in urban areas.

Where to buy your electric bike Decathlon?

One could be of opinion to buy his ebike Decathlon that in stores. But not only! You can also buy your Decathlon e bike on their website.

No need to travel and take the risk of not leaving without your electric bike. Demand has been strong for several months, and many of the company’s stores are running out of stock.

Tip: ordering your electric bike on Decathlon’s website is in our opinion a very good choice! This will save you time and money.

History of the Decathlon bike

Since 2006 the brand Decathlon knows a big success thanks to its range of bike Btwin. A bike with multiple caps proposed by the firm Decathlon. Today still present on the sector, and part of the market leaders, the group has extended its range, varied products to reach new customers.

In this article we will talk about these different ranges and Decathlon’s involvement in the electric bike market to guide you to the best choice.

Before we talk about and list the many bikes sold by Decathlon it’s worth taking a quick look back at the history and success of cycling at this retail giant.

Success of Btwin

The Btwin is the brand of bike registered by Decathlon in 2006. This brand meets immediately a huge success thanks to a large choice of bikes proposed for the general public. The Btwin was then proposed to designate all the ranges of bikes of the brand. From the urban bike (city bike), through mountain bikes and cross-country bike to the road bike.

The Btwin was then, and for more than 10 years, a reference among the general public bikes. Combining reliability, robustness, the Btwin is also characterized as a bike with a nice design that Decathlon marketing teams have been able to highlight through very powerful slogans.

It is not uncommon today to come across a bike with the Btwin signature because it has been a victim of its own success. After ten years, Decathlon decided to revise its strategy with different important changes that we will discuss in the following article.

2019 – important changes

As we said before, 2019 has been the year of big changes for the bike and the company Decathlon. This year, the bicycle market has once again evolved exponentially and the electric bike market has seen strong interest from consumers. Let’s see together what were these major changes and their consequences for the company.

New names for bike and e bike Decathlon

In order to facilitate the identification of its range of bikes, the company has first decided to review the name of all its bikes. Thus the city bikes become “ELOPS”, the mountain bikes become “RIVERSIDE”, the mountain bikes become “ROCKRIDER”.

Some of you will have already heard of these new names long before this change. Indeed, some bikes sold by Decathlon a few years ago had the double name (Btwin + Rockrider for example) which could be very confusing. We will go into the details of these different ranges later in this article.

Acquisition of the European leader in online bicycle sales

A very promising strategy is the one carried out with the leader of the online sales Alltricks. This company, offering its services on the web and now in a few stores in France, has managed to make a place for itself among the professionals in the field.

By selling high quality bikes and offering logistic services defying all competition, Alltricks was a reference for a clientele of amateurs and demanding cyclists. This is how Decathlon bought Alltricks that year and at the same time expanded its customer base.

Launch of a Decathlon e bike range

Last but not least. The giant decided to integrate in its catalog a complete range of electric bike Decathlon. The electric bike market being in full evolution these last years, it was important for Decathlon to release bikes answering this new market.

To do this, nothing could be simpler, Decathlon does not take any risk and then decides to decline its successful bikes in electric version. This is how the electric ranges ELOPS, RIVERSIDE and ROCKRIDER were born.

Differentiate the Decathlon bike ranges

We won’t talk about the Btwin brand anymore, even if the bikes sold by the Decathlon group still have the soul of the successful bike. Differentiating between them has become very easy for everyone and we will list them in the following section.

A range of urban bikes

The e bike Decathlon “ELOPS” – review

The ELOPS urban ebike Decathlon is a city bike with a clean and innovative design. Equipped with quality materials, this bike has seduced a majority of urban cyclists, both by its style, its qualities but also its versatility.

Declination of the “ELOPS” range in electric version

The ELOPS in its electric version takes the design of the traditional version with of course the equipment and electric assistance in more.

Thus you will find on the handlebar, the controls allowing to order the power of the electric assistance but also the LCD screen in order to find the displays necessary like the remaining autonomy of the battery. The removable battery is well integrated under the luggage rack at the rear of the electric bike Decathlon.


A range of mountain bikes

The mountain ebike Decathlon “ROCKRIDER” – review

The Rockrider mountain bike is one of Decathlon’s biggest successes. With an exceptional manufacturing quality and a versatility pushed by the engineers of the group. Nevertheless, the Decathlon Rockrider mountain bike remains a bike with style.

Declination of the “ROCKRIDER” range in electric version

In its electric version, the Rockrider keeps the design of the traditional versions and like the electric ELOPS is equipped with top-of-the-range material as regards electric assistance. Its removable battery for example, very well integrated into the frame does not leave us indifferent. Read our review of the Rockrider E ST 900.

A range of mountain bikes – Cross-country

The e bike decathlon cross-country “RIVERSIDE” – review

Let’s move on to the cross-country version. Extremely widespread on the bike market, the Riverside ebike from Decathlon is a great success with the adventurers. Between the mountain bike and the urban bike, the Riverside is a good compromise.

Electric version of the “RIVERSIDE” range

Just like the other ranges of electric bikes from Decathlon previously mentioned, and more precisely the Rockrider, the Riverside takes the design of its traditional version by integrating the removable battery to the frame. This, like the mountain bike, does not detract from the style of this bike at all.

Why is the electric bike Decathlon interesting?

The electric bicycle, many will say that this is a futile invention, which will not last, without much interest. However, the market is still exploding and the Decathlon firm has understood this. Who would have thought a few years ago that our cars would run 100% on electricity?

Who would have thought that polluting vehicles would be so quickly singled out and banned from our largest cities? The big changes have been made in the last few decades and will be even more dramatic in the next few years to come. What if we gave you some good reasons to switch to an electric bike?

The advantages of the electric bicycle

Less effort

For many people, cycling is like a sport and sport means physical effort. This physical effort can demotivate many people, whereas cycling is first and foremost about having fun. Why not associate pleasure with ebike Decathlon? Reduce the effort for more comfort.

Save time

Do you live in the city? Do you travel mostly by bike? Have you ever thought of making your life easier by adopting a Decathlon e bike? Save time between appointments. Avoid urban traffic and long waiting times at the stop.

Longevity of your rides

Cycling is first and foremost about having fun riding alone or with others. Imagine the long spring and summer rides to spend on the most beautiful roads of France.

Motorized help for the elderly

Let’s face it, the older we get, the more we dread physical effort. This is where the e bike Decathlon comes into its own. This motorized assistance is not to be taken lightly and will make your life easier on a daily basis as well as during your occasional rides.

Have fun

The Decathlon e bike is above all pleasure, pleasure that goes further and longer. The batteries now reach great autonomies allowing the user to make daily or punctual trips such as walks longer.

A price that can be close to a traditional bike

It may seem impossible but it is true that some electric bikes offered by Decathlon are very close to the price of traditional bikes. Electric bikes have been favored by the french government for a while now and cumulative purchase subsidies are available through some local authorities in France.

This is one of the most important points not to be neglected when buying an electric bike. You should be informed if the country where you live have some subsidies like in France.

How to take the electric bike step?

Buying an e bike Decathlon, just like a traditional bike, depends on the user’s needs. Comparing ranges and models is very important. Defining your needs will allow you to choose the right ebike Decathlon for you. This is why we regularly conduct tests to give you our opinions on multiple electric bikes.

Take the time to browse our site to make your own idea, your own opinion on the electric bike. We select the best electric bikes on the market, constantly updated to guide you in your next purchase.

Decathlon offers a range of quality electric bikes thanks to Alltricks

Decathlon offers a range of quality electric bicycles. This quality has a certain limit due to the fact that these ranges stop at a so-called punctual use. Many of the Decathlon e bike buyers do not use their bikes in extreme conditions as a professional would. That’s why the newcomer is stepping in to take over.

The European leader – high quality products at the best price

For a good decade this leader has been the professional to whom demanding customers turn. Quality material, always available and delivered in record time.

The best electric bikes sold by the newcomer of Decathlon

We have selected a part of the ranges proposed by the European leader and we invite you to read our article in which we present the company and also the best electric bike sold on its online site. In the end, you should know that a good electric bike Decathlon sold by the group is an electric bike sold by Alltricks

Electric city bike

We have decided to select the 3 best electric city bikes sold by the newcomer of the Decathlon group.

The city electric bike is growing rapidly due to the new laws and restrictions of polluting vehicles in our cities but also to the new and numerous infrastructures created by our municipalities.

The electric bike Decathlon or not will be a perfect ally for your many daily trips. Functional and versatile and adaptable to all types of people, it will satisfy many cyclists :

Electric mountain bike

It was also logical for us to list the few best e bike Decathlon for the mountain on the market. In total opposition with the needs and versatility of the urban bike. The mountain bikes we propose below will show great reliability for a price not higher than those of electric bikes offered by Decathlon.

Cross-country electric bike

The cross-country electric bike is the hybrid bike. The one that will suit the person linking the needs of a versatile bike in the city as well as on the road and path. And as for the other categories we have selected the best sold on the market at reasonable prices.

Folding electric bike

Less widespread but undeniably useful, the folding electric bike Decathlon meets many demands, especially, of course, for fans of public transport. Easy to transport and very versatile, the folding bikes occupy a very important place in the world of electric bikes.

However, our numerous tests have shown that the only folding electric bike sold by Decathlon is not a good choice and that is why it does not appear in our selection.

Find more quality electric bikes by reading the following article, the presentation article of the Alltricks platform.

Why choose an e bike Decathlon ?

As we have already mentioned, this new breath of life allows Decathlon to offer many new references of electric bikes. These references are certainly not Decathlon’s brand but they are still of good quality.

The European leader offers on its online platform many products from many manufacturers, of very high quality. You will not be surprised to find electric bikes of much better quality than those sold by Decathlon.

Why rely on our recommendations ?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, our team has taken the lead in analyzing and testing many Decathlon e bike. This allowed us to establish a selection of the best electric bike by type of use. Thus you will find our selection of the best city bikes as well as mountain bikes.

Taking into account the quality, the price, the brand of the manufacturer (this can play for the service and guarantee of the bike) but also a point that many neglect or do not know, the premium to the purchase.


The Decathlon e bike and traditional bike remains in every respect a very good material. Whether it is electric or not, the brand has been able to offer very cheap equipment to the mass market and its reputation is no longer in question.

In 2020 and the following years we will find more and more ebike Decathlon on our roads and paths and this is a very good thing in our opinion for all the different reasons mentioned in this article and for many others.

Buying an electric bike Decathlon or traditional will not be a bad choice, whatever the range of bike chosen, electric bike or not. Take the time to read our different articles talking about the bikes of the firm so you will be sure not to make the wrong choice.

To help you make the right choice, our OnMyBike team regularly posts articles on traditional and electric bikes