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Diamant e bike : German quality

If you are a passionate of bike rides, all your expectations will be fulfilled with the brand of diamond bike. It is a brand of bicycle that provides finesse, comfort and pleasure of driving. A completely ecological solution, which over time improves your health while keeping in shape. The bicycle is the means of transportation accessible to all. The brand also offers a range of Diamant e bike. Want to know more about Diamant bikes? In this guide you will discover everything you need to know about them.

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The context

The cycling market has taken a real turn. Indeed, this is due to a multitude of things. First of all, households want to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible. This by reducing the use of plastic or by reducing their waste. So it is quite natural that they want to change their transportation habits, by opting for cleaner and more respectful solutions towards our planet. Secondly, the government as well as the regions and municipalities can allow you to benefit from discounts for any purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle. Combine these two elements and you now understand why this market is experiencing such a spectacular evolution.

The best electric bike on the market

Our team of experts has selected just for you, the best electrically assisted bicycles currently present on the green mobility market. Discover the models that are the direct competitors of the Diamant e bike brand.


The Diamant bikes brand: presentation

Diamant is a German brand that makes charming city bikes that combine innovative technology with classic elements. In addition to offering practical city bikes, Diamant offers a selection of e bike Diamant and trekking bikes. With its Zouma + electric bike, it was named German representative at the international expo.

Diamant is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in Germany. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, it has been building bikes of exceptional quality for about 130 years. Every bike he offers has a very light and high quality aluminum frame. Then there are the brakes, derailleurs and tires. The Diamant e bike of the brand is equipped with very good motors. The refined design of each bike gives it a very attractive look. Each model has a unique and striking nameplate.


The different ranges of Diamant bikes

Find in the Diamant cycle world a multitude of bicycles intended for the sports practices and adapted to your desires. The bicycle is a sport which gathers enormous disciplines for the pleasure of the cyclists. Each bike is designed to meet all needs and therefore has very different characteristics depending on the model.

Whatever the level of the cyclist, Diamant bikes are for all types of cyclists. From the seasoned cyclist to the recreational cyclist who wants to keep fit, there is a wide choice of bikes. Discover also the Diamant e bike.

The mountain bike range

The mountain bike is an all-terrain bike. Equipped with a rigid or telescopic fork, tires with dense lugs and rear suspension, this model of bike can go anywhere. Equipped with disc brakes, the women’s and men’s models have a rather effective braking system for safe riding.

From recreational mountain biking to more intense sports like cross-country, freeride or enduro, Diamant offers several choices of mountain bike models. If you are passionate about nature and like strong sensations, try one of its mountain bikes, you will undoubtedly adopt it. The Diamant e bike is one of them.


The Diamant Racing Bike

Road cycling is well known thanks to the grand tours. Racing bikes, whether in carbon or aluminum, offer a real feeling of freedom from the very first practices. The rigid and aerodynamic road frames are indeed equipped with an important reactivity allowing to relaunch the machine in case of necessity. To cover long distances on rolling and demanding routes, the racing bikes will meet your needs.

Whether solo or with others, for leisure or in competition, everyone will find something to enjoy. To meet the needs and for a greater diversity, the Diamant manufacturer has also developed ranges against cyclocross, track and time trial. Do not hesitate any longer and discover the racing bike of your choice.


Diamant BMX Bike

For the amateurs of tracks and tables to be crossed, the models of BMX proposed by Diamant will know how to be your ideal ally in the performance. Discover the BMX race and freestyle bikes and perform fun tricks to set the clock ticking. Very rigid and strong, the BMX race frames are made of carbon or aluminum and are equipped with a brake on the rear wheel. Performing tricks requires proper protection and a BMX helmet.


Urban bikes

To get around town or in the country, on paved trails and rolling areas, the mountain bike is designed for you. Still called a city bike, the mountain bike is a robust and very comfortable multipurpose bike. This version is suitable for transporting your children to school, going to work or to a friend’s house, or going shopping.

These types of bikes provide maximum comfort thanks to the quality of the cross-country bike saddles and the larger tires than those of a road bike. Whether in urban or rural areas, there is nothing like cross-country bike bikes to simplify your daily life. Find among the Diamant cross-country bike range, all-terrain bikes, cargo bikes, city bikes, folding bikes and many others.


Diamant e bike

The Diamant e bike is a practical and entertaining way to simplify your daily commute. Equipped with a lithium battery from 200 to 600 wh, this bike is within everyone’s reach thanks to the electric assistance. With the e bike Diamant, you can perform all kinds of activities according to your desires.

This way you can extend your horizon and enjoy the benefits of cycling for longer. No more struggling against the wind, no more endless climbs and no more arriving at the office in a sweat. The electrically assisted bicycle (electric bike) allows you to get around quickly while maintaining your health thanks to regular practice. For those who are used to small terrains and rough trails, diamant offers electric mountain bikes for both men and women, capable of providing maximum well-being.


The range of Diamant bicycles for children

Because children deserve the best, diamant has designed bikes for them that combine safety, handling and comfort. These models of children’s bikes contribute to their development and growth. From draisienne bikes to 12 inch bikes and 26 inch bikes, you will find in this selection the best adapted for your child.

Diamant also offers intermediate versions with 16, 20 and 24 inch bikes. Each wheel size fits the child’s height, making it easier to ride. For younger children, the 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch children’s bikes are often supplied with a stabilizer. This allows children to gradually master the balance to ride on two wheels. There are children’s bicycles for girls and boys with various colors for an underlined style.


Diamant e bike, perfection in all its details

Since its inception, Diamant has continued to build quality bikes. Phase by phase, each Diamant bicycle is subject to a long development and manufacturing process. Each stage of production meets strict quality criteria. This ensures that each Diamant bike model comes from the factory with the highest standards.

Throughout its history, Diamant has made many important contributions to the world of cycling. From the design of its first bicycle for women, to the development of a bicycle for deliveries, to the creation of a comfortable handlebar. Nowadays, the Diamant brand is increasing its influence in Europe by offering the latest technology bicycles.

Diamant offers a wide range of bicycles: city bikes to go to work or to run errands, Diamant e bike for easy travel. But also touring bikes for weekends with family or friends.


Bikes adapted to all cyclists

Diamant bikes are designed with innovative frames available in many patterns, high quality components and modern styling. The men’s frames have a high top tube and the women’s frames have a slanted tube. The Diamant e bike models have a powerful and efficient motor mounted on the tube. Trekking bikes are as stylish as they are sporty. Thanks to their mudguards, they can cope with any weather and accompany you on all kinds of adventures. Diamant bikes are friendly, nostalgic and authentic at the same time.


Bikes for great adventures

Diamant offers bikes of the highest quality to encourage cyclists to live their passion to the fullest. Its wide range of bikes meets the expectations of every rider. Whatever your use, you can be sure to invest in equipment with impeccable performance. With the Diamant bike ans e bike Diamant, enjoy incredible adventures thanks to the top performance it offers.


Criteria for buying the right Diamant bike

The right bike depends on how you use it. Indeed, once you get the hang of it, the bike you bought for short trips can quickly become your favorite means of transportation. The Diamant e bike. And this way, you will tend to ride it on a daily basis or on long trips. It is therefore preferable to think about the comfort-power compromise in order to avoid a new purchase in the immediate future. The choice of the bike must be done rigorously. However, to buy a Diamant brand bike, there are several criteria to consider.


Choosing the right bike size

The first criterion for choosing a Diamant bike is the right size. Choosing a size that corresponds to your needs allows you to feel comfortable on your equipment and especially to progress more quickly.

A bike that is small or overly responsive does not provide the stability needed for jumps. Likewise, a bike that is too wide may make it less practical for performing tricks. However, Diamant offers a variety of frame and wheel sizes. It is up to you to choose the size that best suits you.

The solidity and longevity of the materials

Should I choose an aluminum or steel frame? A steel frame is better at absorbing vibrations and small shocks and lasts over time. Aluminum is lighter, but very rigid. A broken aluminum frame is more difficult to repair.

Unlike steel, aluminum has a low resistance to shock and vibration, but it is resistant to corrosion. It is important to remember that the frame is less than a third of the weight of the bike. And it is better to have a well-equipped, solid and comfortable bike than one that is too light.

Small and large wheels

For the average rider, a bicycle with 26″ or 650mm wheels will be suitable. You can also choose a bike with 700mm wheels. The choice between small and large wheels depends on other factors. Small wheels are quite strong and maneuverable, but are still very vulnerable to road irregularities. With large wheels, the curve of the tire is narrow, and thus forms a smaller angle with the road.

The ground contact surface lasts longer and flatness gaps are better absorbed. The 700mm wheel also provides better stability and grip. Comfort depends mainly on the size of the tires, which should not be too narrow. When tires are too wide, they increase the friction quotient on the ground. Opt for tires between 35mm and 38mm wide.

Try the Diamant bike before you buy

It is always essential to try one or more bikes before buying. The Diamant brand always offers a trial ride to make it easier for the buyer to choose. Trying out a bike does not consist in stepping over it in the store, but rather in doing a few laps to get a good feel for the bike’s behavior.

This allows you to know your comfort level, the difference between the models and especially to see if you feel comfortable on them. Do not hesitate to try several models, in particular with different transmissions, different body positions and various braking systems.

Other details to consider

To make sure that the bike fits your body type and activities perfectly, don’t neglect this detail: the adjustable stem. The adjustment of the handlebars plays a big role in finding the right position. The cross-country bike models are potentially efficient. In terms of lighting, choose fixed optics with a fully weatherproof dynamo power supply. In addition, consider choosing a good saddle, it is much more comfortable than a suspension.

Where to find the Diamant brand bikes ?

Diamant bikes are high performance models marketed by Trek Bikes corporation. This brand of bicycle is well known among cyclists and is widely found throughout Germany. To buy your Diamant bike, you will have to go to the Diamant platform to place the order of your choice. You can also find them at retailers like Amazon or Alltricks.

Amazon is a great store that offers all kinds of accessories. They are very reputable, safe and have been in business for many years. Bikeworld, E-Bike and Swisscycle, are specialized in selling bikes online, they have several models of Diamant bikes on their websites. You can also buy Diamant bikes on the platforms of Sportxx, Bikester or on Probikeshop.


How much does a Diamant bike cost ?

The Diamant bike is a reliable brand recognized throughout the world. To meet all needs and desires, it is available in several versions with specific characteristics. Thus, the cost of a Diamant bike varies depending on the type of bike. To find out the price of a Diamant bike, you will have to go to one of their stores, choose your model and ask for the cost. However, it is possible to contact them directly online.


Review of the Diamant bike brand

The opinion on the Diamant brand bike is largely positive. Diamant bikes are perfectly balanced. Their healthy behavior gives the user a certain smoothness in the practice. Thanks to a measured and very well moderated assistance, the Diamant bikes and e bike Diamant does not generate brutal reactions, it listens to the pedalling. It is an equipment that breathes quality. Although the design is modern, the style is very nice with a comfortable frame.


Purchase aids

If you’re worried about spending a lot of money or running out of money to buy your bike, don’t worry because Diamant has the solution. You will be able to benefit from financial assistance at a fixed annual percentage rate of 0%, applied to a term of five to ten monthly payments. To take advantage of this offer, you must make a purchase worth between 150 and 10 thousand euros.

In France, for example, this subsidy has been authorized by the State in order to encourage the use of these bikes. All you have to do is go to one of the above-mentioned stores to benefit from it. Just like some of the models, the Diamant brand bike is an economical solution that allows you to get around safely. Try this brand, and you will certainly end up adopting it.



That you want to preserve our environment is a respectable thing that must be supported. That’s why the government, the regions and the communes offer aids so that households can equip themselves with these new means of locomotion. Like the e bike Diamant. Whether you want a companion for sport or simply to get around town, you should find what you are looking for at Diamant. You can also find the models on online sales platforms. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the experts present to clarify your doubts.

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